Buying syndrome
|   Aug 01, 2016
Buying syndrome

I recently observed that every new mom's house has every new toy in town. It starts from baby holders, cribs, rockers, play gyms, baby baskets, diaper bags, baby carriers/slings, sterlizers, food mashers, pram, strollers, high chairs, car seats, bath tubs, baby monitors, walkers, trikes, bikes and what not! 

" I didn't have all this when I was young and when I have the capacity to buy it for my child then why not?", "I want to give him all the riches and luxuries in life" , " he has to be civilised" what, excuse me but are you not? 

This has become a norm in most of the households these days, the buying syndrome sets in even before the baby is born..  and it never ends!

I'm not saying it's wrong to buy, all I'm saying is use the things u have bought to the fullest. Don't just buy it as a prized possession!  I have a baby bathtub, which I have hardly used  for 3/4 times! And there was a pram which I used to the fullest. 

Essentials and wants are different. Please choose wisely. Just discuss and decide what u need and what's luxury.. there is a big broad line between the two. 

Not just baby gear but clothes on clothes, from rompers, cap towels, mittens, caps, pjs, tuxedos, kurtas, tees, jeans, frocks, skirts, dungarees, palazzos, so much that the last few item on the stack of clothes in the cupboard goes unnoticed and when u see it after 6 months, u child outgrows it!  

Toys after toys are piled up too, 100 cars, 20 barbie dolls, puzzles, games, guns, teddy bears, trains, swords, Diys, and what not!

Books after books too... so many that you are a mini library! the children just use their bhramastra (crying) to get what they want! They never feel contented. They want more.

I just tell my son, I have no money now.

Some people just buy and dont even have the time and energy to sit with their kids and play. Your child is two years old today, play with him. Tomorrow he will not be, he may not even talk to you in teens! Seize the day my friend! ( Zindagi Na milegi dobara style ;) )

Children shouldnt take things for granted. Embibe the value that they have to earn it. We as parents have to let go off the comparison and peer pressure and just enjoy the sun and sand!

Happy parenting :)

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