How to remember??
|   Aug 31, 2016
How to remember??

March 2002, 3pm

I put my key and try to turn it.. doesn't happen. I try again and again... The key is stuck! How will I ride back home?? And what are these two morons looking at me like this for? Can't they help? Finally I get my key out! I start thinking  as to what to do next and I see that one of the moron walks towards me, puts his key and the bike starts! Oh s***! It was his bike and my bike was the next one! 

April 2004, 7pm

After my day at office, I enter my house. It's warm. Isn't Bangalore supposed to be cooler in summer? I turn on the fan, have some water... refresh myself, it was getting warmer and warmer... I enter the kitchen to get something to eat .. Aghast! The iron tawa was red on the stove! It has been burning on simmer from morning! How did I not switch off the stove??

Dec 2005

I get home using the office cab. It's 12 at night and I'm looking for the house key in my hand bag. Not to be found! Whom will I resort to for help? I call my husband who is away at work.. he said " forget the keys! I won't be surprised if u haven't locked the house." true that. I hadn't locked!!! I was glad I hadn't locked! But should I be?

June 2008

I'm studying hard for an exam. I have a habbit of chewing something while reading, so I get some tamarind from the kitchen. I get back to my study... My book is nowhere to be found... I checked everywhere including the kitchen cabinets and tamarind dubba! But alas! I somehow managed with another book. Then later that evening I found my book in the fridge! When did I open that???

Jan 2016

I get down in the wee hours of the morning at my apartment from a cab. The children start running... Keeping an eye on them I get my luggage out and count .... pay the cabbie and close the door. I look for my mobile phone in my purse but it's not there... I wave at the cab to stop... I keep calling my number again and again in vain. 

Lessons learnt: 

I keep checking and rechecking to switch off the heater/iron box/ mixie/ gas stove/ oven

I remind myself to take my credit/debit cards at the billing counter

I check the balance at the grocery store

I remember to find my mobile phone in the purse every time I leave a shop/restaurant/hospital

I recheck to lock doors/cupboards

After walking a few steps I reminisce my activity of locking And putting the key in my bag

I have uploaded my contact list to my Google drive, husband and I share the same contact list now. 

I download the pics in the mobile phone to the hard drive every three months.

And at last, a place for everything and everything in its place!

Now I try to remember to remember. But sometimes somethings happen beyond my control. God save me. I thank my parents, siblings, husband and kids for putting up with my searching spree! I appreciate their role in helping me keep things in order.

Nowadays, there's a lot of humour in the house when they find the spatula near the printer or the headphones near the sink! 

Please remember to remember

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