Power tummy!
|   Feb 28, 2016
Power tummy!

I took my son to the park. Mrs Abc said "Oh poor thing!" Ms Xyz asked "Does he watch too much TV?" And another relative said,"It's poorva janmas abhishaap!!" I keep hearing " How come he's got glasses at such an young age?" 

Siddhu my son is three and a half years old, and he wears spectacles. My daughter Akshara started wearing them when she was five. They wear glasses as they have something called 'Astigmatism' , it's the cylindrical power. It's not the spherical power, and remains constant life long. It's an axis at which they can see things clearly, it's a birth defect, to do with the conical shape of the eye ball. 
When we got glasses for my daughter, we were told that most likely the next child would also have it, and that we will have to do an eye test when he turns three. 

My kids don't watch TV much, may be half hour or so a day, they aren't hooked to ipads or tabs. Like all mothers, I have tried to give the best nutrition possible to my kids. Then why glasses? Doctors told me it's genetic, some told its because of consanguineous marriage, but no one knows the exact reason. 

We were at the dinner table and we were discussing about getting siddhu's glasses and my daughter all of 8, said "Amma, u have a power tummy" , we came from your 'power tummy' and we have glasses. Why didn't your mom have a power tummy?"  It was sheer innocence, but it startled me.

Offlate, I observed that many a kids have glasses, and it's a good initiative by the govt that there has to be a mandatory screening of kids (eyes and ears) before entering first standard.   I think it's our parents and our nutrition/genes that has started affecting the next gen, or may be we becoming technological slaves, has started affecting our kids health. There is a silent gene alteration happening.

So, next time u see a kid with glasses, just tell him he looks cute! Tell him that the glasses suit him, as I know the ordeal of getting a child wear glasses! If you can't encourage the child, just don't say anything! And its not to do with their "TV viewing" !!

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