Go Kid Go
|   May 30, 2017
Go Kid Go

With the summer vacations bidding goodbye and the reopening of schools round the corner the workload of parents mostly moms increase manifold.It manifests itself in the form of of shopping for uniforms, shoes, books , lunchbox, Waterbags and the list goes on …

As a mother of two school going kids I would like to share few of my experiences , which am sure would come in handy for moms.

Yes, it is a journey of trails and tribulations and of mistakes and learnings and again of mistakes and relearning , of promises and resolutions and loads of excitement and anxiety , depression, tears , laughter, and a sense of achievement in the end.

personally I divide them into two aspects , the physical and the emotional. Let's first concentrate on the physical aspect 

At the end of the day it's all about a happy child and an even happier mom.

Firstly make the child prepare the checklist of the things, to get for the new session. Involving the kid in the whole process is the basic idea behind this whole exercise .They can do so by recalling what things they have and what to procure.

Right from getting the books , covering them , writing the names and all sundry things , should involve the child.

If the child is too young let her just be with the parents and watch the whole process. Make sure you switch off all electronic devices which might distract the child.

 Let them make mistakes to discover that it's after all a part of learning 

Let the child have a books cupboard of her own and she, should be held accountable for it's proper upkeep. My learning…. I often overlooked this aspect as to a time consuming exercise for the kid and thought I was more sorted out . In fact I was snatching an opportunity from the kid to act like herself . Let it be their canvas. Don't bother, if the kid pastes her recent drawings or stickers pictures of her favourite super heroes or simply scribbles on it. And for those grumbling relatives or friends who point it out, a quick lesson on child psychology would suffice. 

We are often starved of, for spaces, in joint families or have relatively small apartments, to be able to give the kid her own personal space . Little thinking and sometimes rearranging , gives great ideas. Solutions include a quick DIY on the net. They tutor on wonderful things like pencil holders, notebook arrangers, and that to with readily available things like shoe boxes , crocery covers etc . A quick craft session I must say . Parents short of time can shop for things exclusively for kids available at reasonable prices on several online sites.

Now comes the emotional aspect. Some kids are reluctant to go to school after vacation. Kids face several issues in school like bullying, overtly strict teachers, no wavelength with friends , reluctant to openup, and several other such issues . They might seem miniscule to us, but it's the kids world. She has to live with it. A quick healthy chat over a not so healthy pizza or a burger often helps kids comeout openly. And mind it, we should be ready to provide realistic solutions which often need a lot of patience, perseverance and a lot of cuddling. if necessary a talk with the teacher or school should be initiated.The positive aspects should be highlighted reminding the child about trips from school, which I presume the kids enjoy a lot, the games and music sessions and ofcourse the annual days or anyother specific thing about the school, the child loves.

Now that I think my kids are ready for school with all vigour and vitality I request fellow moms to share their ideas and help me add to my process of learning and unlearning. 


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