Nurturing Curious Minds
|   Aug 31, 2016
Nurturing Curious Minds

It’s been nearly three months of school reopening and what a whirlwind of a time it’s been. An absolute roller coaster and abundant opportunities to look within.

Both my kids are at milestones years, settling into pre-school and big school. The period has been filled with anxieties, resistance, adjustments and thankfully a settling in.

They are always my biggest source of learning, because everyday is indeed new. Having kids is like having a little you outside of you, more gentle, more innocent and more vulnerable. There are times when I just want to put them into a fortified transparent bubble and then let them free. I then find myself questioning, is it them I am safe guarding or my fears. Well, faith is surely better than fear so I clearly let that boat go.

On the surface the little people are only going to school, but real learning happens in between the books. My son experienced bullying, and we learnt to be assertive, he then in turn tried to be aggressive and we relearnt being kind. He experienced being laughed at and we learnt self respect. Then he chose to laugh back and felt silly for being so petty. He learnt to turn a foe to friend and discovered true give and take. 

The books can gift them knowledge but life gifts us wisdom. It equips us to choose to fall and rise each time. I am learning to empower them and embrace their failing, allowing them to discover their understanding of light and dark. As I rightly read somewhere ‘ We’ve all got both, light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That is who we really are.’ I have learnt a step further, as a mother I can guide, but not choose what their actions should be. They need to make that choice. I have learnt to embrace their choice because it will bring an experience that they create and absorb. I am learning not to provide all the answers but to give them the freedom to discover some on their own. Taking that tiny step backwards, is the toughest challenge that I face each day. It is so tempting to protect and empower them with all that I have. But I do realise, that I shall then be creating mini-me’s and not nurturing their uniqueness. 

Curiosity is a way of life, it is the natural state of learning. A curious child will quench his thirst throughout life, he will not just say ‘Why?’ But say, ‘Why not!’

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