|   May 25, 2016
"The sweltering heat and two kids, who have been home for nearly a month are seriously forcing me  to change my game.
To balance between the old and new, my work and play, learning and nothingness.

Here are a few things that are working for us:

-Learning the basics of cooking 
My son is learning to make himself his own snack, better still make one for his sister too! There's a
healthy supply of fresh dips, sauces and cutters that encourage him to try something new each day.
- Reading to each other. Yes ! My two year old is story-telling my 5 year old son. They are hilarious,
she looks at the picture and makes up her own, my son is in peals of laughter as he realizes he's
getting his dose of madness.
- Reinventing childhood games, so 'chor and police' is now the cookie thief and cookie patrol, good
old skipping is still fun, cycling is surely building their muscle and mine.
- Play with an old toy/ board game from the cupboard, just for today. We have rediscovered a treasure of things that we usually don't play with. I am now convinced that I can easily start a toy - library. 
- Watching something new. Catching up on the new kiddo movies on screen and watching some new family content. My kids are enjoying the food-travel shows ( they make for interesting conversation and learning) and are equally engaged with Discovery. 
-Reinventing the old. A whole lot of the good old beach, planetarium, parks and fun indoor spaces,
each time with with a new friend/pal/toy makes it unique and memorable.
- Loads of music. If we haven't had a good run in the garden we do an impromptu dance session at
home. It keeps us all happy, fit and easy.
- Walking around the neighborhood.
We have junked the car and walk for our errands, bank, picking favourite fruit & veggies, fulfilling
icecream /donut cravings. We are learning important skills like crossing roads, handling money, and
more importantly the value of money.

There are days that are super fun and days we know we could have done something else. But overall
happiness and fun quotient is high. There is no 'trying to entertain' when we are simply filling into
each other's shoes. I know they are earning oodles of confidence and joy as they help me take
charge of themselves and home, both. As for me, I am amazed that I am getting some work done
alongside all the laughter & madness.

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