Cultivate Faith - Our Kids Need to Know This!
|   Jul 15, 2016
Cultivate Faith - Our Kids Need to Know This!

Difficulties Are Opportunities To Deepen Our Roots

Here’s a story to share with our children that will give an idea about why they need to struggle at times, and why they should never lose faith and determination:

Once a writer and a farmer were talking about the farmer’s soybean and corn crops, as abundant rain in few weeks resulted in a very fruitful crop. The soybeans and corns were shooting high and the writer asked the farmer that how relieved he was feeling because of the wonderful rain and high yield of crops.

The farmer replied, “The crops are quite vulnerable now and even a short storm or draught could be destructive enough for the yield.” This surprised the writer, and he asked the reason for saying so.

The farmer explained, “If the rains have been abundant, the plants get enough water easily to grow and are not required to push their roots deeper into the earth for water. So the roots remain near the surface of the earth and even a short drought when begins to dry out the earth, the roots also dry out as they are very near to the surface of the earth. The plants then die quickly due to shallow roots. A healthy plant needs deep roots to hold it strong and bear what happens above the ground. ”

The story says it all! We must choose to deepen our roots by working hard, reading the words of God, praising God and believing in the best. So, when times of stress hit our lives, a deeply rooted love of God will give us the power to endure.

If the roots are deep and strong, the tree stands firm and needn’t worry about the storm.

But, while struggling to deepen the roots a lot of questions surface from inside to our minds, and we wander to seek the answers. Here are some of those questions:

Why Do Good People Face Bad Things?

First of all, it’s a myth. God is Just and He never makes mistakes while dealing with His children and treats all equally. But yes, this do happens that good people feel that they face a lot of bad things and struggle in their lives as compared to not so good people, who enjoy the mercy of good Lord. Let’s try to analyze why we feel that God is unjust sometimes and good people suffer more?

Here are few points to ponder upon and take a hint on God’s way of dealing with His children:

1. As a class representative (CR/class monitor), you are chosen by your teacher because you possess better qualities and a higher level of motivation than others. But, this does not mean that you don’t have to work hard to achieve more, and for that your teacher gives your more responsibilities and tasks to enhance your abilities and produce better results. As a CR, you are given tasks that involve lots of efforts, brainstorming, management, effective decision-making skills, tact and techniques to work with others and for others, keeping in mind the best for all. So, ultimately you are tested on your skills, talents and decisions. This helps you to grow and experience things that none of your classmates would get a chance to, in the current class.

This is how God selects good people and challenges them to bring out their best and that’s why they stand apart glorifying God, radiating patience, love, and kindness through God, even in their most difficult times. God selects good people not only because they can take care of themselves, but also because they can take care of others and their instincts can help people rely on them.

2. After God has selected you as His representative, He will make sure that you be an example of God’s work to the world. He will even challenge you with situations that could be devastating, with the reason of making you stronger than ever and letting the world know that good people can overcome any challenge in their lives with the help, love and guidance of God.

3. During the struggle, good people turn to God, and God gives them refuge and reveals to them His will. Many a times these people grow weary and weak and they collapse, but every time this happens God picks them up, refuels them, and helps them to reach the ultimate goal. But, still a lot of times good people could not take it forward and they break, but that does not mean that God will abandon them. He counts and considers each and every single effort of people who try and walk on the right path. So, he picks them up and takes them through himself. The only thing God desires from His children is faith, dedication and love for Him.

4. God wants His children always by His side and when God analyzes our persistence towards His love and His will, He feels happy and grants us the desires of our heart. But the only thing He expects from us is to never forget the learning and guidance from Him during the challenging times, and follow them throughout life, even when the time seems easy and more favorable.

We always pray to have the best in our lives. We wait eagerly for our prayers to be answered and this seems to be the most difficult time when we have to be patient and hopeful.

Waiting for the prayers to be answered?

We can wait in many ways, and the outcomes can be really different.

• We can sit, wait and do nothing, and wish things to fall in place - Our act of waiting isn’t supposed to be spent sitting around passively hoping that something will happen sometime, and then giving up soon because we think we’ve waited enough.

“Even when we doubt, God never doubts in us.”

• We can be hopeless and think that our prayers won’t be answered – Giving up on things as we think that there are lots of prayers that go unanswered, we drag ourselves to the quicksand of negative thoughts and acts. We stop praying and hoping for a breakthrough; we lose our relationship with God and don’t even try to retain it because we think He won’t help us. This may be due to past experiences where at times we were not granted what we wished for, but the irony is that we don’t analyze the things we were given instead of what we asked for. These things were given by God to us because they had a purpose in our lives, and things that we were denied of had no purpose in our lives. We don’t count on things given to us, be we do count on things not given to us. Based on some experiences we decide to throw everything on luck and think that God is not favouring us.

• We can wait being hopeful and eager with our faith in God and His processes - We need to wait well. The more we depend on God, the more dependable we find Him. We must also remember that when we have struggles in life, we are actually being tested for our faith in God. Serving God with all our heart and mind, is the way to be positively expectant. When our hearts overflow with faith and we are eager to hear from God, He definitely solves the issues we struggle with. This waiting period is an opportunity to get prepared for God’s solutions, and to reflect greatly upon self so that we can handle what God offers us. Many people are lucky enough to get the desired from God very quickly, but they aren’t prepared enough to accept the grant from God, and thus could not enjoy the fruits of their prayers effectively. Also, sometimes we find ourselves in such desperate situations that it's hard to imagine waiting. But, we need to keep waiting on God and trusting Him completely, without a doubt. When people patiently and expectantly wait on God during terrible odds of life, suddenly God breaks through. A person who waits expectantly remains positive and believes that the breakthrough is just about to arrive and his being hopeful helps him to wait eagerly. And someday, even after waiting for long, he will come across God’s answers.

We can never understand God’s ways of testing us, loving us, and giving us what we deserve, but we can see through times, and believe in our faith that his ways are just!

The quote someone had sent me that actually changed my perception towards God’s ways, and turned out my belief that anything can be done through God and there’s no limit:

“Never put a limit on what God can do, Just Trust!”

Now the questions that arise here are:

How to deepen our faith? How do we keep our faith alive and serve God while waiting for our breakthrough?

 Just 5 simple suggestions to make your journey of waiting easy:

1. Be more grateful – Always remember the days you prayed for the things you have now. Give glory to God, and believe in Him without a doubt.

2. Pray hard – Enhancing your faith through prayers is not only a positive process to wait patiently, but also a powerful antidote to pain, stress, and conflict. Keep everything you are looking for in your prayers and also pray to increase your urge to pray earnestly every time you are happy or sad.

3. Read about God’s grace and miracles – People have not only believed in God’s Words from ages, they have experienced them in their lives. Interact with people who praise God; people who grace God; who have experienced God’s miracles and breakthroughs in their lives. Read Scriptures, positive quotes, testimonies around the world; listen to TED talks about God, motivational experiences of people with almighty, and a whole lot of positive affirmations.

4. Don’t be afraid; strengthen yourself – Believe in yourself! As we discussed above, wait with conviction, aggression, and positivity, we must work towards what we want with God’s help. We will get the desired if we are strong enough to believe in our actions and God’s decisions. Yes, they both must go hand-in-hand. Fill yourself up with faith, strength and love towards God, and you will not be afraid of anything in life. Reading God’s words is a real source of strength, and can bring great light in your life

5. Inspire others through your experience with God – Talk about your testimonies, experiences (small or big) to people who need to firm their belief in the process of patience and transformation through God. Inspire others; counsel others, even if you are still waiting for your own breakthrough.

See, there’s so much to do! Don’t whine, Have Faith and Praise the Lord!

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