Mumma Vs Mummy Ji. Yes, there’s a difference!
|   Aug 30, 2016
Mumma Vs Mummy Ji. Yes, there’s a difference!

Mumma Vs Mummy Ji. Yes, there’s a difference!

Stop expecting and start accepting.

Take it easy!

- Your mom will not even enter the room where you are sleeping after a long day of work or just sleeping for no reasons. Your mummyji might make every effort from the door bangs, to the loud shouts with the maids to wake you up from your dear sleep.

And it’s OK! She is not attached to you, or she might not be someone who could feel the same pain and happiness as your mother does. It’s practical and natural! Let it be. 

- Your mom will appreciate and make sure this echoes in the neighbourhoods, and relatives’ homes even if you cook a silly meal for her or your dad, once in a blue moon. Mummy ji would not even let any praise got out of the walls of the dining room, but will make sure if the cooking goes wrong, the neighbours and relatives have the right to know.

DON’T WORRY, do your work. You are not cooking to please people all the time, you are cooking to feed your family. Cook happily, appreciate yourself and enjoy!

- Your mom waits for you on the door when you come back from work or a travel. She cooks for you, and makes sure you eat and rest adequately. She loves you, even if you don’t literally do anything for her. Mummyji too waits for your arrival at home, to cook and take charge of everything else going on at home.

SO, WHAT? You already knew this will happen when you decided to get married and have a family. Stop cribbing about it, and do as you like. Go ahead! (order some food ;)

Make things easier and simple!

- Your mom will not shop for herself, but you. And mummyji will shop with you for herself, for her relatives, daughters and others, but may be not for you.

NO BIG DEAL! It’s your time to take care of her needs, not hers. You are not a kid anymore, you take other responsibilities as a married woman, so why not this one too. Let her shop for herself. You can do that too for yourself. MAKE NO BIG FUSS!

C’mon, she is not your mother; she has not seen you growing up; she doesn’t know your likes and dislikes; she might not be able to love you the way your mom does. And that’s perfectly fine! Accepting this fact makes life easier, and we don’t bother about anyone’s behaviour or attitude towards us, but we try to work on ours to set things practical and right.

Now turn the tables and see what and how do you feel about her, as Mumma or Mummyji?

You will get most of the answers!

Enjoy the relationship as it is meant to be. Do the best you can, and take care of yourself too. This the key to happiness, and easy living.

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