What is Joy? - Delight, Ebullience or triumph that moistens your eyes...
|   Apr 10, 2016
What is Joy? - Delight, Ebullience or triumph that moistens your eyes...

Routine & me have never really been great acquaintances. As much as we din't acknowledge our presence, we kept coming back to each other.                                Little could have I guessed, that this very routine will one day provide me with the greatest joy of my life!

Sometimes this routine gives me a sense of commandment over my life and other times it makes me feel like a victim of the wonderful life that I belong to. And most often, like many others, in that hustle bustle of daily routine I ( read: most of us) forget to live that moment. It happens with everyone, but routine's favourite children are, “We, the forever preoccupied, Mothers". In the process, sometimes making us forget to savour “That" moment. 

But today happens to be the day when I am feeling grateful for this routine, as I have made some time to take a deep breath, sip my green tea & gaze outside the window pane overlooking joyous mothers & their lovely kids enjoying their downtime in the pool.. In all honesty, these moments are always a rarity in the life of a mother to a toddler and i truly consider this as my privilege. And perhaps this is why I am grateful.  People close to me know that suddenly over the last few months, this has become my so to say, “Favourite word” not because i suddenly found the nectar of truth or I attained Nirvana. But because someone up there, up above the clouds decided to make me happy and this happiness has a name, my son, Abbir. 

His birth unfolded the many mystery boxes for both me & my husband. What came as a responsibility, gave our life the elusive ‘Perspective'. In the process, making us realise the true joys of life, the delight that lasts more than a hangover and definitely much more than a new pair of dress.. I once remember searching through the pages of a dictionary, to find the meaning of Joy and it said “ Joy is a ​person or thing that ​causes ​happiness: [e.g,] His ​daughters were the joys of his ​life. [e.g,] She's a joy to ​spend time with”. And i guess i am understanding the real meaning while raising him.  

So as i savour my zero moment (I call such privileged 'me times' as Zero moments), my heart fills with joyous, happy memories mostly revolving around Abbir. In these last few months, although i found myself exhausted in the child raising ‘routine’, i have also found happiness that has touched my soul. Those umpteen moments of ecstasy have made a bad day forgetful, a forgetful random routine day memorable, and a memorable day as “Precious”. 

Whilst taking Abbir to various play dates, I often meet parents from a multitude of backgrounds, ethnicities, cross cultural upbringing & experiences.  And the one thing that never ceases to miss my attention is the happiness, or may be the true found triumph on the face of each parent. Every time i see a parent hugging their child, every cuddle, every soothe, every first of a child, every cry from a fall, every splash in the pool makes me seize that moment and that MOMENT of jubilation is the truest form of joy. & like some one said, "Sometimes the most joyous moments are the one’s spent alone in memories that bring tears of joy”.

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