The Marital Mutation!!
|   Mar 22, 2016
The Marital Mutation!!

Normally countries have winter, summer, spring, autumn and rains. Our country has an extra season called 'THE WEDDING SEASON'                 We have shopping malls, jewellery stores, fashion shows, beauty parlours dedicated to this season. There are special discounts at  home depots which have combined packages of beds, cupboards, cutlery for gifting the bride. Special discounts on everything from lingerie to cars to boutique hotels to event managers to honeymoon destinations. What an amazing business model!! When the weddings are becoming a 15 day affair everybody from cooks to djs to designers are enjoying the profits!!                                                    

I wonder are we as couples really ready for this!! I wonder when will we as a society have special meditation sessions for the to be married, how gurus would teach us to think right rather than look right, when would tv serials be about how to develop that positive whirlpool of thoughts in a newly weds home than the latest furniture and cutlery.                                                                                                        

I have had the privilege (misfortune) of undergoing general anesthesia 4 times and my experience of the first day after this grand wedding affair is akin to the post anesthesia grogginess. The sounds sound muffled, the language different, the eyes are puffy and groggy and you unnecessarily smile at strangers till the cheekbones hurt. I swear I had no smell or taste at least for a week and other than changing dresses and jewellery my bridal brain could not understand much!  This was after knowing my hubby for almost a decade before we married, you are just not prepared for the mutations.                                                                                    I know I mutated. My gujarati taste buds were used to sweet and my tongue had to mutate and generate an area for the spices, my tongue had to roll and learn a newer dialect to a language, my hands which were used to excelling in writing exam papers and performing surgeries had to now excel in making geometrically perfect chapatis! None of this was expected from anybody in my extended new family but it was me who was used to being a super achiever who wanted to excel here. But I faltered. Through this decade of bridal bliss I slowly mutated and realised none of the mutations are perfect unless it is with the right thoughts. I would hope at least one  bride reads this and concentrates on generating the right thoughts and  bringing internal peace and happiness. The wires can join only if the external insulation  is removed!!                        

Remove the top layer of facade and bring in the internal joy in mutating. Belong to the home rather than just staying in someones house! Don't compare sides and entangle in the superficiality. Go deep and connect to yourself. The more connected you are to yourself, the more the magnetic field is activated to connect with others.                                                      

In medicine we learn 3 mutations...silent mutation, missence mutation and nonsense mutation. Silent mutation is the one which mutates but makes the same product, missence is one which make a different product and nonsense stops production.  As a young girl I used to wonder how I would mutate like in those superhero movies where the common loser guy with glasses becomes superman when he wishes to!! But I have understood that the best is to have silent mutations  in your brain where you end up being yourself but a stronger version. Let's mutate to positivity!! Happy wedding season!!                       

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