A Thank You Note To My Children's Teacher!
|   Jul 20, 2016
A Thank You Note To My Children's Teacher!

To the Awesome Teachers,
Here are all the ways this mom and every mom wants to thank you:
1.    I would like to thank you for making my children feel important in the world outside of my home.
2.    I thank you for taking an interest in my children’s lives. You always ask them about their interests which means you are tracking the lives of possibly 30-40 children at a time.
3.    I thank you for understanding and analyzing my children’s interest and suggesting them the activities according to their interests. I really admire your efforts!
4.    Thank you for teaching them about their responsibilities by giving them different jobs in the classroom.
5.    I thank you for taking a good care of my children in the school premises and during trips too.
6.    I thank you for putting your students first. You postpone your lunch time to provide that ‘extra help’ to the students.
7.    I thank you for planning and shaping their career. You stay in the school after school hours to help students and provide learning support.
8.    I appreciate you for spending your evenings not only supervising after school events, but actually attending events of students outside of school.
9.    Watching my own child's stage play or sports event is sometimes an exercise in patience for me (sometimes I can’t even make to the event because of my professional commitments). Whereas you attend such events happily just because my child invited you (this honor makes my heart burst).
10.    I thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with your students and giving them a different perspective on the world. When my children come home excited with a totally new learning, like creating a crazy design out of a waste plastic bottle or painting a mug in a new style, they explain me their newly gained knowledge with excitement. It is all possible just because you made it more exciting! I am just drowning in joy.
11.    I thank you for taking care of my children even when you are not in a good health.
12.    I thank you for teaching my children the values of different sections of the society. You all come from different backgrounds and families; you have different set of interests. You share your experience and stories with the students which help them understand different people, places, lifestyles and ways of living. I truly appreciate this.
13.    I thank you for understanding that every child is different and they need to be handled differently.
14.    I thank you for going beyond your duties and helping the students complete their summer/winter holiday home work by resolving their queries through email and whatsapp.
15.    I also thank you for keeping a check on their belongings in the school so that they don’t cry or search for their small things after coming home.
16.    I thank you for organizing various events in the school and field trips to outdoors to keep them motivated in the school. They really enjoy participating in international food festival, costume party, sports day, hand writing competition, shloka competition (the list is too long to mention everything). They learn so much from these celebrations! Thank you for keeping the fun alive in their school days; this is what they will always remember, so much more than the academics. Childhood is short, thank you for embracing it.
17.    I thank you for seeing all the students at the same level and how you love all your students and want more for all of them!
18.    Thank you for keeping your personal interests aside and always thinking about the next best thing you can do for your students!
19.    I appreciate you for always focusing on your work and leaving your personal matters and stress at the door!
20.    I thank you for teaching my children moral values. They misbehave so many times in the classroom and you handle them so carefully. You make them realize their mistakes and strive to make them better human being!
21.    I thank you for supporting them whenever required. They feel protected and cared when you are around them.
22.    I thank you for taking my comments and concerns positively every time I meet you at PTM.
23.    I thank you for spending your holidays to check their notes, making notes for their next class or academic year, attending skill upgrade sessions, acquiring new knowledge and degrees and trying new ways of teaching so that things can be better for your students!
24.    I thank you for resolving their queries which I fail to answer sometimes.
There are occasions when my child takes your name before my name and I am perfectly fine with you taking this spot in my child’s world for some time. After all, you are trying to make them the next generation champs!
Thank you for doing so much and much more for your students! I am so lucky to have you in my children’s lives.
With love and affection,
A Grateful Mom

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