Five new challenges every Modern Mom is facing!
|   Feb 19, 2016
Five new challenges every Modern Mom is facing!

Being a mother in today’s world is not easy. We were already trying really hard to deal with usual parenting problems like our childrencomplaining about nothing, or asking zillion curious questions. And now we’vebeen introduced to another level of complexity: Technology! Thanks to all the electronic gadgets, nowadays, children are leading adigitalised childhood, and are growing up in a digitally-saturated environment.


Motherhood is so vastly different for us than it was for our mothers. The rapid-paced and hecticlifestyle is developing new and unique pressures for us, especially working moms. Parenting has never been easy, and challenges have always accompanied the same. Butwe, today, face the combined demand of situations like technology, fast-changing family dynamics, a 24/7 information cycle and a beaten educational system.


Here are some of the issues we face as Modern-day Moms:


Lack of time: The life of a mother is not easy. We  get up early and go to work after being up with our toddler half the night. Then we come home from work, cook dinner, clean the house and do the laundry before falling into bed. We’re tired, stressed and we keep on juggling between professional and personal lives. As a result, children are on their own most of the time with open access to almost everything. This leads to behavioural changes, a sense of insecurity and loneliness in them.

Technology and Entertainment: In the earlier days, watching television meant watching scheduled shows on specific days & timings, when the whole family sat down together in front of the TV. Usage of the PCwas something we did occasionally. Fast forward fifteen-twenty years, and we are now parenting in the virtual age. Thanks to the new era, current parenting approachhas broughtin a new wave of hi-tech issues to cope with along side other worries wherein in children have easy access to all kinds of content on the web.

Struggling to teach good values: When we grew up, we had our grandparents to take care of us and instill good values, when our parents were out. Then, came the nuclear family concept, where the families are small with no grandparents at home, and children are mostly on their own. With unfiltered access to almost all kinds of media and content, our children start assuming that these things are normal and tendto imbibe the same in their lives. And then we struggle to teach them the moral values we wish for them to inculcate.


Keeping our children healthy: Unlike us, playing cricket or outdoor sports with other children in the neighbourhoodis no longer apart of our children’s lives today. And we are the ones to be blamed for that. We have provided them with video games, TV and computers. As a result,  theyprefer being indoors than outdoors, which in turn leads to low immunity, obesity, social isolation etc. among other health issues.Staying indoors especially curbs the development of the natural immunity of children, hence making them more susceptible to many germs and illnesses prevalent in today’s polluted environment.


Prevalence of evolved germs: In the last decade or so, not only has the pollution, and the amount of dust particles gone up manifold, but the germs prevalent in the environment have also evolved tremendously. These microbes are more resilient to treatment, multiply faster and are even tougher to get rid of, which is making it difficult to fight infections and other problems caused by such germs. These environmental issues are really scary, especially when it is related to the health of our children.

There is a growing need to alter our lifestyle in order to safeguard our children from the changing environment around them.Small changes in our daily lifestyle and routine like spending more time with the children, listening to them more often and trying to understand their points of view. As the times change, so should our methods and ways of protectingour children.

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