Happy Swap Day: The Beginning of ‘Equal Parenting’
|   Sep 09, 2015
Happy Swap Day: The Beginning of ‘Equal Parenting’

‘I have to go to the market to buy vegetables for the week, you take care of Vansh for 1 hour,’ told Soumya.  “I have to go out with my friends, you get the vegetables tomorrow,” replied Anuj. Then they had a long argument. They are working parents of a 2 year old Vansh. After coming home from office, Soumya takes the charge of basic household stuff including taking care of Vansh; and Anuj spends his time watching TV, surfing internet, etc. When she feeds Vansh, Anuj plays with him and diverts his mind to help her in feeding meals. That’s the only time that Anuj spends with Vansh. After arguing for a while, they decided to ‘swap’ their roles for one day to understand each other in a better way. This is everyday story in every house. There are few fathers who help their wife to raise kids and others raise their eyebrows when we talk about ‘equal parenting’. We have some examples of SAHD who love to share the responsibility of raising kids.

September 10th is celebrated as ‘Swap Ideas Day’ when you can swap your ideas with anybody. Swapping day is celebrated to present your views to the concerned person and to understand the other person. People can share their ideas, concepts and thoughts and learn from each other. The ideas or experiences that you receive from others may be good and helpful to you in your life. By the end of the day, you collect plenty of new information and helpful ideas and shared experiences to move forward with. Why only swapping the ideas? We can also swap roles. Wow!!! How about swapping the roles of spouses? Why only the mother should be responsible for raising kids and other household stuff? Why only the father is worried for the bread and butter of the family? When both spouses go out for work, why looking after the child is only a mother’s duty? The couple needs to share every piece of work to get the maximum out of it. For one day, mother takes the charge of father duties and father becomes primary in-charge of the house (households and taking care of kids). Change brings refreshing feel. Father needs change from his hectic office routine and mother needs change from handling kids and her busy household routine.

On Swapping day, you get a chance to understand your partner. It’s always “Easier said than done”. Sometimes, you feel your spouse is overdoing or pampering the kids or he is not spending time with kids owing to his office timings.

Here is some fun swapping activity ideas to enjoy the day:

1. Raising kids is not only a ‘mother’s duty’:

Father is equally responsible for a child’s 360 degree development. Both the parents help a child in learning new things, get more exposure and develop a curious mind. If not 365 days, swap your role with your husband for one day and see the change in your children. Children also love the change.


2. Different parenting styles:

In one situation, a mother scolds the child; but as per the husband, she over-reacted to the situation. Every parent’s parenting style is different. Be prepared for any kind of change (favorable and unfavorable)!!! Scolding is replaced by pampering, clean house turns into a messier one, homework on time becomes ‘home work not done’ or vice versa.


3. Let your spouse cook for you and you take the driving seat:

For one day, make your wife feel ‘special’. You can cook breakfast / snack or dinner for the family and she can have some ‘her’ time in the house. In turn, the mother treats everyone with a long drive!!! Let your husband take the side seat and enjoy the music and rain with your kids.


4. Baby Bath:

Generally, giving bath to a baby is a mother’s responsibility. This swap day, let your husband do the honors. This way, the baby and the father will bond and they will have great time together!!!


5. Mother having a gala time with kids:

While the husband or father takes charge of your duties, you can spend some quality time your kids. Storytelling, mimicry, art and craft and playing with puppets are the activities kids enjoy the most with their parents.


6. Bedtime storytelling:

Owing to late office timings, most of the mother tells or reads a bedtime story. On Swap day, encourage your husband to spend time with kids. This bedtime storytelling could be long or short and may be full of imaginations and fiction stories. The mother tells superman story, the father opts for a delicate doll story. Children will have some ‘pampering time’ with both the parents.

Why should we think of swapping roles? Everyone is correct in their own way. Everyone knows to react in a right manner in a particular situation; but there are alternate solutions. Swapping Roles offers many advantages:

1.If you have some issues with your partner, you can resolve them by swapping your roles. Your partner understands you more by stepping in your shoes.

2.There are times when you are tired and may be frustrated with your same routine. Swapping brings a refreshing change for you as well as your partner.

3.You love and respect more your spouse as you get to understand his/her responsibilities more closely.

4. Children get more pampered so they also enjoy the change.

5. Every parent has different parenting style. You understand your mistakes and get a chance to adapt the change.

6. You can discuss different situations faced by your spouse and learn to handle them differently.

The Swap day idea makes you feel proud of your spouse. Why only for a single day you should swap your roles? When we talk about ‘equal parenting’, we mean – your parenting roles are equal and every responsibility is shared; let it be parenting or household stuff or bread earning for the family. This day provides ideal opportunity for parents to begin practicing ‘equal parenting’ and make their life happier!!!

Enjoy Swapping your roles and let me know your experience in comments!!!

Happy Swap Ideas Day to all the parents :)

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