Product Review: Quaker Oats – Lemony Veggie Mix
|   Nov 03, 2016
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Product Review: Quaker Oats – Lemony Veggie Mix

I have been using oats in many recipes: idli, dosa, potato balls, cutlet, etc. I always used oats as a part of the recipe and never thought I can make something delicious made of oats as the base of the recipe. After the initial round of preparation of old fashioned oats with milk, sugar/honey and topped with few strawberries or nuts, now Quaker has launched its masala flavours: Lemony Veggie Mix and Homestyle Masala Mix. Earlier it launched two sweet flavors: Strawberry flavor with apple and Kesar Flavor with Kishmish.

Lemony Veggie Oats is a quick breakfast oats recipe. It’s a healthy, tasty, vibrant Indian recipe with oats which has oats and vegetables topped with lemon. The lemon juice works brilliantly with oats, the vegetables and spices provide the recipe a spicy edge making it an absolutely scrumptious and healthy breakfast.


Oats (78%), salt, vegetables (green and red capsicum 3.3%), sugar, spices and condiments (pepper powder, dried curry leaves, onion powder, turmeric powder, garlic powder, concentrated lime juice powder)

Cooking time: 3 minutes


  1. Add 1 glass of water (215 ml).

  2. Mix sachet contents.

  3. Cook for approx. 2 ½ to 3 minutes on gas stove or microwave.

Why Quaker?

When international food brands enter Indian markets, they know how to please Indian consumers. Let it be McDonald’s or KFC, they had to change their spices to please Indian palate. We love spices in any form and oats is no exception. Quaker, one of the best wholegrain brands since 1877, launched in India in 2006 with its primary product ‘Quaker Oats’ and later it added flavors its product.

Quaker offers a great range of nutritious breakfast variations which are high in fibre. Quaker doesn’t use any non-natural flavors, preservatives or colors. All its products are made with 100% whole grain. Quaker oats are rich source of Dietary Fibre and protein which gives you energy to keep you going.

My Recommendation:

Since it is made with 100% whole grain and rich source of Dietary fibre; Quaker Oats Lemony Veggie Mix is a healthy breakfast in an instant! It serves perfect as a small meal or ‘meal between the meals’. Those who are looking for new ways to spruce up their monotonous oatmeal breakfast routine, must give Quaker Oats Lemon Veggie Mix a try. Not because it is super quick to prepare, but also because it provides nutrition in the form of oats, vegetables with the added goodness of lemon and suitable to the Indian palate that is very much fond of dosa, idli and upma for breakfast.

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