That Day I lost a Part of Me...
|   Mar 01, 2017
That Day I lost a Part of Me...

Everyday when I glance through the newspapers in the morning, my heart sinks to read through the atrocities on women. The predators do not even spare infants and toddlers. While on one hand women like Gurmehar Kaur are inspiring the youth & on the other side a 1 year old is being raped and killed.

I wouldn't entirely blame the society for the bias, as we all are an active part of it, but definitely want to point to each one of us to take responsibility and bring about that change. We need to educate our kids - both sons and daughters on the reality, fight patriarchy at an individual level and be more vocal in our speech and actions. I have a brother and I want to take complete responsibility of the way he treats his mother, the sisters, his friends and eventually the spouse. At the same time, I pledge not to suffer silently if I myself/someone in front of me is faced with such a situation - that's the least I can do!

My heartfelt emotions, trying to pen down the pain, anger and angust. 

That Day,

I stepped out,

Merry, blasé,

In soaking rain,

Admiring the gaze,

Hopping through,

the usual lanes

They stood there,

as ambush predators,

with sadistic eyes,

of a tormentor

I was spotted,

like a rare bird,

Punished, mauled,

for staying away from the herd

They mocked, They abused,

They touched, They groped

I cried for help,

struggling to lope

A piece of flesh,

left without a hope

I felt the jolt,

It shattered my soul,

Not only the skin,

my dignity they stole

I fought with God,

for writing this dole

Still searching myself,

In part and whole

That Day,

I wish hadn’t come

I’ve lost a part of me,

& the others,

still feel numb!

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