Bazinga Box – Entertainment And Education At Your Doorstep Every Month
|   Sep 10, 2015
Bazinga Box – Entertainment And Education At Your Doorstep Every Month

Let’s just be honest - entertaining toddlers is a difficult task, at least for me. While on one hand, I do not like my kids indulging in too much screen time, and yet my attention span for playing with cars, trucks and Legos in merely a few seconds.

However recently, the lovely team at Bazinga Box  got in touch to see if I’d like to try one of their kits. YES PLEASE! If someone wants to send me a box of stuff that will help me play with my kids I will not say no.

I’m going to tell you about our experience, because I really like what they offer, but first let’s start at the beginning



A Bazinga Box is a monthly subscription service that offers kid’s educational projects, crafts, games and other activities on different themes. You can get a subscription for as low as Rs. 675 per month for the box — including shipping. This box will include 4- 5 hands on projects, all the materials to complete those projects, plus hands-on learning activities and more.

According to Rohit, the founder to Bazinga Box “The mission of Bazinga Box is simple, we want to meet the need for creative and “out of the box” solutions by encouraging design-led thinking from an early age. The way to do this is by creating world-class products and strong communities by leveraging technology and modern materials to provide truly innovative experiences for kids.”


Once of the first surprises for us when we received the box was that it was personalised with both of the boys names printed on the box. Inside the box we found

- a soap-making kit including soap flakes, food colour, food essence, a bowl, a spoon and soap cutters)

- a paper cake kit with decorations such as ribbons, pom-poms, glue candles

- a layered puzzle of the body

- a tie book mark kit with tons of fun stickers

- a fun board game and lastly

- a Bazinga badge

Personally, what I loved about the box, was the organised packing, so that all the elements needed for an activity, were packed in a pouch with an easy to read instruction booklet with lots of graphics for kids. The box has EVERYTHING you need. Even a plastic spoon where required.

The first activity we tried was the tie for Daddy’s and it was an easy project with plenty to stickers for the kids to  use. We next moved on to the soap making kit and it was a super fun activity for the kids. A tad bit messy, but we had tons of fun making the soap. Infact we used our clay moulds to make interesting soap shapes such as fish, flowers etc. 

The penny kit in for shape of a cake, was a bit tricky for my three year old, but the four year old, could easily follow instructions to make a fun cardboard cake with a little candle as well.

We also had three body jigsaws, which was a lovely co-incidence as the boys had just finished the theme “My Body” at the schools. The three puzzles of 8 pieces each contained the  Skeletal system, Internal Organs, & external Body Parts and each puzzle after being completed to be placed in layers so that if you raised  any piece of the body, you can easily see whats below it!

Lastly, was the board game with lovely tooth dice. However we sadly lost the dice and the pins before we could try the games  ( Perils of living with two toddlers)


On a last note, today the markets are filled with craft kits, so why would a parent spend on a Bazinga Box. Here are my reasons:

1)The Box has all the items that you need for an experiment or activity. So you do not have to run about searching for items

2) The activities are age appropriate creative activities. So you know your kid can do the activities and won’t get frustrated

3) Bazinga box, is not just a collection of activites but these are high quality items that will withstand the rough use of toddler hand



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