A letter to my darling Mom… In Law
|   May 09, 2017
A letter to my darling Mom… In Law

A letter to my darling Mom… In Law


Hello mom, I guess I have dropped that “in- law” expression and feeling pretty early in our relationship. All thanks to you, you gave me the warmth and freedom, that in a short span of time you became my mom from being my mom in law.

I honestly can say it was not always as smooth as it is now, initially I was not so accepting and you also and a little different expectations from you daughter in law. There was a teething problem but you never blew it out of proportion. You never taunted me on things I never know, which helped me in opening up at the new place.

There have been many occasions when I thanked you from bottom of my heart, but today morning while leaving for office when I said good bye to you, and you scolded me for doing all the errands but not getting time to have my breakfast or having a glass of milk, I had this urge of writing this letter specially and only to thank you for being there.

I have been your daughter in law for last 12 years now, there have been numerous occasions mostly happy and pleasant. When I got married I was 22yrs, I know in country like India where still child marriages happen, 22 is a considerable age for marriage. You must be a little skeptical considering it was a love marriage that too inter-state, I am sure you must be equally uncertain about what to expect and what’s next as my mother was while bidding me good bye , I know she was worried as how am I going to manage. I’m sure every mom is.  Right from entering the new house to the daily rituals everything was going to be completely different.

 I shifted to hostel right after my class 12th for my engineering and as I was truly madly in love with your son (that I am even now ;)), we got married in less than a year after completing college.

So I rarely got time to be with my mom, to learn skills of cooking and housekeeping from her and you being a master in both, but you never complained about what I don’t do. You always encouraged me in what I do and helped me in understanding and know how better I can do it. You taught me many things indirectly, may it be making ghee to gujia. And thanks to you now I master in making malpua’s too.

You always encouraged me chasing my dreams, you always supported me continuing my job, being independent, asked my opinion and contribution in all the decisions. Thanks for that as I know I’m blessed to be part of India’s very less population that’s been given equal respect and love at in-laws place. If you would have not been the way you are the relationship would have been different. Your contribution is more in making our relationship 'a one to be cherished'. You never say anything bad about your mom in law, you always told me how she taught you things and you continued the legacy. You were always partial between your daughters and me, as I always got the advantage of being the youngest. I love the food you cook, the way you tirelessly take care of everybody’s needs.

The best part is the endless chatters we do and the freedom of sharing most of the things with you, may be complaints about your son are some funny moments at office. I say "most"  because sometimes a typical mom in law inside you over powers the mothers. :D 

Still you are the best know mom in law one can get. When all my friends crib and compliant about theirs I’m happy that I have you.

SO on this mother’s day I wish you a very happy mother’s day, Be as awesome as you are and I promise I will take your legacy ahead.

 #Momspiration; #mothersday

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