Let Kids Enjoy The Monsoon Magic…
|   Jul 07, 2017
Let Kids Enjoy The Monsoon Magic…

Rain makes everything so beautiful, takes away the scotching heat, the trees, farms and grass get a new life. When we were kids we used to play a lot in rain, make paper boats, do rain dance and enjoy the weather, welcome the rain. But now as a parent we don’t let our kids play that much in the rain we try to keep them inside the house it might be because of the increasing level of pollution, various new diseases mushrooming in this season or simply because we are over protective about our kids, whatever might be the reason but now a days kids are missing the fun the monsoon.

Here are few ways to let them enjoy the season and few precautions we can take, with which children can create own memories of monsoon which they can share with the generations ahead. 

Rainy season adds scenic beauty to the environment. It gives new life to the drying rivers and ponds.

We can take them to zoo, as even animals are relieved in rainy season and enjoy the weather. If lucky kids can get to see the peacock dance as well.

Take then to the near by Lake/ pond/ river as with rain many aquatic animals and new species of birds can be seen around these places.And the lush green scenery will be stored in there memory forever.

Let them enjoy the nature as much as they can, kids will surely enjoy a trip to a bird or animal sanctuary.

They can enjoy rain staying at home in their backyard as well.

Making and racing paper boats in the puddles.

Watching worms crawl and coming out of the mud.

Finding out smallest and largest frog in the backyard.

Play with sand and mud and be creative with it.

Let them enjoy we will do what we are best at protecting them from the known dangers of the season.

We can take few precautions rather than restricting kids from enjoying being a child.

Taking shower once they are home, after playing outside. Cleaning hands with hand wash and applying sanitizer.

Drinking boiled water.

Using mosquito patches/gel when they are going out to play.

Wearing full sleeves clothes.

Never wear wet socks and shoes.

Try and take a rainy day off, keep aside your daily chores and play with them, give them some quality time that they look forward to.

Teaching them to enjoy hot soup which will give them nutrients as well as they can enjoy the weather, like elders enjoy chai-pakora in rain.

 Humans can’t survive on this planet without rain, it is the most important thing for us to survive, so why not teach out kids to enjoy the same, let them not think rain means house arrest and no fun… as a mom we have to introduce them to all the good, better and best of nature….let’s explore the magic of monsoon this season.. Together!!!!!



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