10 Wacky Supplies to Get Your Kids Excited About getting Back To School
|   Mar 17, 2015
10 Wacky Supplies to Get Your Kids Excited About getting Back To School

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, kids look at it as their second birthday of the year. While moms hunt the chaotic shelves for the required type of pencils and notebooks, kids are too bedazzled by the wide array of goods on display to do anything other than scream “I want this too!”  

While the whole experience can be very cumbersome for parents (especially if they have their kids with them), it's not that hard to see why kids love it so much. There are some pretty awesome and wacky items out there that makes kids feel like the “cool” ones in their school and which even parents might have difficulty saying no to. Check out all of these wacky supplies that will actually make your kids super excited about going back to school:

1)      MagicMilk Maker - Automatic Battery Operated Self Stirring Mug

Make morning milk times for kids more interesting and fun with this Plastic Self-Stirring Mug Cup and Ultimate Chocolate Milk Mixer by Skinny Moo that creates a Powerful Whirling Vortex to Make Perfectly Mixed Milks in Seconds. Additional wows include a variety of colours, a spill proof design, hole to poke in a straw and a snug fit sip top lid.

2)      LegoKids Star Wars Watch

The only problem with this colourful watch is that your kids might mistake them for actual Legos! This splash proof watch also includes parts to build your own Lego mini-figure as well. The watch can be built by using the illustrated face as the dial and yellow, blue and gray links arranged in any colour combination and pattern for your own customized design.

3)      ClockyAlarm Clock on Wheels

Clocky is the patented alarm clock that gives the user one chance to hit snooze before he jumps off the table and takes a joyride around the room until you catch and silence him. It will make your kids Get Up with a whole lot of excitement to face the school day ahead. Available in black, white, yellow and pink colours, it behaves like a misbehaving pet, but one that wakes you up at the right time!

4)      TalkingPen Learning Resource

The talking pen is another wacky invention that has all of us talking too! Pens like these talks, laughs, lights up and even buzzes with excitement as children learn. Hopefully, that phrase will be a good omen for a good grade.

5)      Tin Toy Educated Multiplication Monkey Tables Calculator Game

Finally, a way to make your kid pick up their math textbook! Anything that makes math more fun for kids has to be some sort of win for education and moms as well! This is a great way to make multiplication fun for kids, as Professor "M" the educated monkey will guide them through the tables from 1 to 12.

6)      Back to School Sticky Labels

Standard labels for school books, bags, etc. will pale next to these uber-stylish, brightly illustrated, self adhesive stickers and labels that can help to personalize your child’s belongings and make them look great as well! With the book containing more than 400 stickers, it’s fun to share with friends as well!

7)      Back to School Temporary Tattoos

Keep the spirit of the holidays and summer going on for a little more time to help your kids adjust into their school schedule with this set of two fun temporary tattoos that are premium quality and last for 3-5 days.

8)      Keep Calm & Carry on I-clips Magnetic Page Markers

This set of 8 I-Clips inspired by the popular WWII Motivational Poster commissioned by the British Government. This design is very popular online, and as a folding magnet it can be used as secure bookmarks, fridge magnets, paper clips, and so on.

9)      Friendship Stamp Set

New School Year, New Friends, New Promises. These stamps get the seal of wackiness for their assistance in cementing friendships. It uses washable, non toxic and kid friendly ink, with 8 playful stamp designs and an inkpad that has two colours. The wooden box set it is stored in adds to its sturdy appeal.

10)  Scratch Art Paper

This Rainbow Black Multicolour Board will help to bolster your child’s artistic ambitions even beyond the holidays. It can be used to create colourful greeting cards, pictures, notes, etc. This fun art supply kit includes 4 sheets of rainbow black board, 1 wood drawing stylus and 1 stencil with more than 30 amazing shapes and instructions for hours of fun.


Which one of these crazy back-to-school supplies did you like the most?


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