5 Ways my Toddlers are Teaching me to Beat the Monday Morning Blues!
|   Dec 28, 2015
5 Ways my Toddlers are Teaching me to Beat the Monday Morning Blues!

I’m sure I’m not the only mommy out there who feels our kids are very profound and meaningful sometimes. My toddlers, my “little men” teach me something new every day. More often than not, I’m awestruck at their simple perspectives on the world, and they’ve given me countless life experiences through their thoughts, words and actions! Just this evening they’ve given me yet another life lesson that I am sure will stay with me for a long time!

Normally, I’m a very happy-go-lucky person. But of late, I’ve noticed the Monday Morning Blues hitting me quite often, and more since the boys have started school. Being a working mommy myself, I live for my weekends when I have my precious mischief makers with me all day and I don’t have to focus on my day-to-day routine. So more than the kids feeling antsy about going back to school on Monday, it was me who was feeling, more often than not, that sinking feeling of another Monday dawning!

For my kids, this concept of Monday Morning blues does not exist. Maybe they’re not old enough yet, or maybe they have enough of us over the weekend, they just cannot wait to go back to school after two days of rest and play!

Lo and behold, in all the excitement of getting our clothes out, shoes polished and meals planned, I forgot to be grumpy about the impending week. As funny as it may sound, while doing the following things with my kids, I not only set them up for a fun Monday morning when they would excitedly go back to school, but also a calmer, easier morning for myself where I would probably just look forward to work and not whine about being away from the boys!I usually start showing signs of irritation and nervousness at the thought of a full work week ahead away from my kids on Sunday evening and it was no different today. This is also the time that they boys are usually so caught up in the excitement of getting set for school week that just this once, I decided to stop being a wuss and follow their excited leads in prepping for Manic Monday!

Here’s what we did, and what you should think about doing too, to beat those Manic Monday Morning Blues:-

1)      Get Moving Early and Quickly

Set the alarm off for 15 minutes earlier than usual. It will allow you a full quarter of an hour to prepare for the dreaded Monday and an extra 15 minutes spent playing or talking with the kids will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Your kids will also enjoy this fun start to the week. You can go for a quick walk, limber up with some basic stretches at home or just enjoy a simple game with your kids.

2)      Keep your clothes, shoes and bags ready for the hectic morning

My parents did this with me when I was little and now I’m doing the same with my kids too. Every evening before they are packed off to bed, the boys get their uniform and shoes ready for school the next day. They also check their bags to see if they have all they need, and their water bottles are neatly labelled or no. This evening, while they were prepping for school, I prepped for work. I ironed my outfit, picked out my accessories and got my hand bag ready. I figured the 10 minutes I saved on this in the morning would add to my overall productivity!

3)      Early to Bed, Early to Rise

As a family, barring some unavoidable circumstances (and sometimes even those!) we make it a point to go to bed earlier than usual on Sunday night, or at least get the kids to bed. However, my husband and I decided to follow suit as well, in accordance with the old saying that a healthy sleep routine is important for mind and body. After the fun and excitement of the weekend, a good night’s rest is crucial to wake up fresh and happy to start the week off on a high note.

4)      A Fun Evening Can Brighten A Dull Morning

Don’t just let it be all about the weekend. My kids and I usually visit my parents’ house on Monday evening, and I realized that part of the excitement for my kids on Monday morning was that they had their evening outing to Naanu Naani’s house to look forward to! This is a brilliant idea, I thought. Try and do something you love on a Monday to beat those blues and have a fun start to the week. A simple coffee outing with a friend, a stop by a store to pick up something for yourself or some precious “me” time, schedule something purely for YOURSELF on Monday that you can look forward to!

5)      Might As Well Accept The Fact

I asked my kids this evening what they were most excited about. They said “Mumma tomorrow Monday. Only five more sleeps after that and it will be Saturday with you again!” Ahhh, the beauty of childhood. When our kids have accepted it, we might as well take a cue from their very jolly approach to Monday, stop complaining about the blues and just embrace the day. After all, there’s no avoiding it anyway!

So this is how my toddlers helped me beat the Monday Morning Blues! How do you beat Manic Monday, any tips?

Oh and yes, Happy Monday everyone!


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