A Letter To My Boys On Their Second Birthday
|   Mar 15, 2015
A Letter To My Boys On Their Second Birthday

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is my all time favourite movie (yes, you can laugh all you want!) I was always inspired by the fact that in the movie, Rani Mukherjee pens letters for her new born daughter when she is told she is going to die soon. I had always thought this was an excellent idea, and had promised myself that I would do it when I had kids.

Well, I couldn’t do it when my boys turned one, coz I was still too amazed at making it through their first year and coming out sane. But today, as my twin boys Agastya and Advait turn two, I want them to know a few things, which I will tell them all through their special day and maintain it so that I can give it to them once they are a little older as a keepsake. So here goes:-

My dearest boys Agastya and Advait,

Has it really been two years already? I have no idea how the past 12 months, from your last birthday to today have passed. We’ve accomplished so much, and you both, with every passing day, teach me that It is truly YOUR mommy that I was meant to be!

How is it possible that out of all the little boys in the Whole World, we got the best ones?

I remember thinking - when we found out that you were twin boys – that it would be an amazing, life changing and extremely special experience, and you have proved this right over the past year. Both of you were born different, and are completely different in both mind and body, quite unlike how twins are ‘supposed’ to be!

And yet, you both are sweet, independent, naughty, and busy little boys who love to cuddle with mommy, snuggle with daddy and play with your elder cousins. You have the ability to melt everyone's heart and put a smile on even the grumpiest person's face. Your Daddy and I could not be happier watching you grow from wrinkly little monkeys to 2-year-old demanding little toddlers that you are today. You are perfect and special and beautiful and smart and we could not ask for better kiddos.

These are my wishes for you as you continue to grow up and become your own men in this magnificent world.

I hope you both ALWAYS express your emotions in the same way -- laughing out when you are joyous and allowing yourself to cry when you are sad. Feel it all and let it out!

Keep letting things roll off your shoulders. As you know, most of the time the stuff we get upset about doesn't really matter at all. Just let it all go!

May you always find such wonder in our captivating world. Continue to exclaim "wow" when you witness something exciting. Our earth is full of beauty, and I hope you always see it the way that you do now.

Keep asking for help when you need it. I know it's not easy to always seek assistance, but it's important to be able to ask for support. Even if I seem annoyed when I hear your little voice’s say "Mommy, help?" for the twenty fifth time in a row, I still want you to ask. It is brave to ask for help.

Continue to work on sharing, because it is the key to connection with family, friends and your significant other. I know it's not easy, but I see how you both try to share with each other and with other kids. Keep working at it.

Please never stop smiling at strangers and saying "hi", even when you have been asked for the hundredth time “Are you both twins???” You never know when it will make someone's day.

Continue to enjoy the outdoors. I see how the fresh air wakes you up and the sunshine makes you smile. Garden outings to Sanjeevaiah Park have become so much more enjoyable in your second year! Never forget that feeling.

There's a part of me that hopes you both are always so wild and free. I wish for you to always be just a little bit different, because there's not enough people like you both in the world.

Continue to devour books the way you do now. Get lost in them even while you’re eating! There nothing quite like a good story. Mommy likes nothing better than to do book hunting for her favourite boys !

During those many moments of the day when you both ignore what I tell you, screaming like a banshee all through the house, looking at me your defiant little eyes, there's a part of me that wants to tell you to always to stand up for yourself like this. Keep using your voice to express your desires. Always ask for what you want; this is the only way that you will get it.

Please continue to believe in magic. Believe in the lord. Our world is full of magic and belief. And I know that you find it every day in the tiny beautiful moments we share. Never stop believing.

I love you BOTH ! Happy birthday. I celebrate your beautiful presence in my life today, and every day.

Star Light, Shine Bright !

Love always,


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