Breathe In, Breathe Out with your baby on International Day of Yoga
|   Jun 18, 2015
Breathe In, Breathe Out with your baby on International Day of Yoga

Leave a six month old baby on the floor for some time and observe from a distance. You will be sure to notice your baby taking on perfect postures which many yoga practitioners take years and years to emulate and perfect!

I sometimes feel ancient yogis, when writing down the gyaan that is available in the ancient yoga texts observed and quickly sketched little babies contorting themselves with blissful ease and marvelous suppleness into various positions.

This was then passed down through generations for at least 2000 years as Yoga teachings, when in fact the best teachers are twisting themselves around our little fingers at home everyday!

While they may still not be able to walk or talk, they have no problem in arching their bodies into the perfect downward dog pose. Twists, mini-stretches and diagonal movements come as easily to them as throwing down their toys in a fit of anger!

Just as yoga helps adults become more aware of their bodies, yoga can help parents become attuned to their babies wants and needs.

Put on simple nursery rhymes and gently follow their postures as a joyful start to an overall healthy lifestyle. Baby Yoga can be done instantly anywhere to encourage thrilling interactions between parents and babies.

Any kind of movement is beneficial for babies and helps in development of their motor skills. Doctors however advise parents for safe practices and slow movements that are more for enjoyment than actual workouts.

So this weekend, celebrating International Day of Yoga, get down on the floor with your baby and watch them squeal in delight as you try to emulate their playful moves.

#HappyWeekend !


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