Five Easy Steps to Trim Your Baby’s Nails
|   Mar 21, 2015
Five Easy Steps to Trim Your Baby’s Nails

I am terrified of trimming my boy’s nails. It’s been two long years of a weekly struggle to get their hands to resemble human hands and not ones with talons, to prevent their and more importantly my face from bearing the brunt of scratches from those long, overgrown weapons of destruction. (I just hope their brains are growing as fast as their nails!)

When they were younger, I usually delegated this terrifying task to my brother and sister in law, assuming that being in the medical profession, they would be able to do the task clinically. Ha, to my chagrin that was not the case. I took over reluctantly, once the boys turned one, much to their obvious relief.

My husband ALSO refuses to cut the boys nails. He also doesn't feed them. Or bathe them. Or clothe them. FINE ! I’ll just do everything myself, I thought and went about devising different ways to make everyday daunting mommy tasks easier.

My kids are now two, so I figure I've cut their nails about 99 thousand times. I KNOW that this job is stressful for most parents. I like to think that I now hold a PhD in trimming baby nails, and I’d love to share my techniques with you. Here goes.


One Baby with long nails, A baby nail cutter/clipper, A television with local cable channels


1)      Put your baby down in front of the television.

2)      Turn on a local cable channel that is showing any south Indian action flick or a Rajnikanth movie or even any Mithun Chakravarthy movie for that matter.

3)      While your baby focuses on the TV, You focus on your baby. DO NOT get distracted by whatever is happening on the TV.

4)      Begin clipping the nails. Start with the toenails, and then do the fingers. BE QUICK, you only have a window of 3-5 minutes max.

5)      Congratulations, YOU ARE DONE!

I am sure all of you are now thinking that I have lost my mind. While I don’t completely disagree with that fact, you will have to admit that this is a fantastic idea. How does it work? The program you have chosen on TV completely messes with your child. Everything in their little brain will just stop working. They don’t know if they are happy, sad, hot or cold. They just freeze up and stay that way for about 3-5 minutes, which is plenty of time for you to accomplish your mission impossible, now made possible!


One Baby with long nails, A baby nail cutter/clipper, A sleeping aid like a blanket, milk bottle or teddy bear

Note: This technique works best around nap and sleep times of baby.


1)      Give your baby a warm, soothing bath.

2)      Wait for your baby to fall asleep, using any of the sleeping aids you prefer.

3)      Once baby is in deep sleep, turn him over to face you and hold up his or her little hand.

4)      Begin clipping the nails. BE QUICK, you only have a window of 1-2 minutes max before baby realizes nails are being trimmed and turns over, or worse, wakes up!

5)      Turn baby around. Cut nails of other hand. Or the same hand if it is left unfinished. Continue till all toe and fingernails are done. Phew!

Minor fingernail-trimming mishaps are bound to happen, like they do with most moms but its okay. Don’t worry, trimming takes practice and even the best of moms have given baby a nail trimming “ouchie” before.

Happy Nail Cutting all you mommies and daddies out there, but ssshhhh ! Don’t let your babies know what you have been up to while they were watching TV or sleeping!

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