Five Things You MUST Do Before a Planned C-Section
|   Jan 27, 2016
Five Things You MUST Do Before a Planned C-Section

Statistics reveal that one in three women give birth via scheduled C-Sections, are they emotionally and physically ready for it?

The birthing process as such scares the life out of most expecting mommies, and when you throw in the possibility of a scheduled C-Section to the mix, it makes even the calmest of women and men freak out a little bit, with visuals of bright white lights, scary looking and sounding medical instruments and machines and masked doctors and nurses.

However, in my experience, C-Sections are just not as scary as they sound, especially when you have a basic idea of just what exactly is going to happen.

When I had my twin boys via a scheduled C-Section, I felt fabulous and fully in control of my body and the birth, which was very exciting. Because I had a planned delivery date, I felt really calm and ready for the life changing process that it was going to be.

While I did proper research into the procedures that would occur before, during and after the surgical process, I think the few days leading up to the C-Section were what helped me get set for the most exciting time of my life. I knew what all exactly I had to get done, so all undue stress surrounding my kids birth evaporated and left me feeling totally blissful and on top of the world.

As a mom of twins who has given birth via scheduled C-Section, I highly recommend the following five things which you must do to alleviate the overall birthing process and make you feel like the queen bee herself:-

1)      Pamper Yourself With A Visit To The Beauty Parlour.

It’s common knowledge that after the baby arrives; he or she is the centre of all attention which may make a mother feel like just a receptacle for giving birth to a human and not much else. But if you’ve got a fabulous looking mother receiving all the visitors to her new bundle(s) of joy, there’s little doubt that she will be the cynosure of all eyes as well!  

Make yourself feel fabulous and enjoy the attention that comes your way. A timely visit to the beauty parlour couple of days before your operation for a hair wash and blow dry, a facial, etc. will make you truly appear like the glowing mommy to be, and the pampering and the attention feels absolutely wonderful and relaxing!

2)      While You’re At It, Get A Pedicure Done Too.

So every pregnant woman knows that it’s physically impossible to get around that large bump that is your baby to tend to your feet and get them to relax while looking beautiful as well. Enjoy a full on pedicure at the parlour before your surgery. Not only will it help your feet look pretty, it will also help in easing some of the pressure on your poor feet that are carrying the weight of two!

(Warning: Also, please be aware that once the baby comes, you will have NO TIME to do these things and make yourself look “pretty”. Enjoy it while you still have the time! Also, your C-Section scar will make it impossible for you to stretch down to pamper your feet yourself!)

3)      Spend Some Quality Time With Your Husband.

I can’t stress enough on the importance of this. You are stepping into a new phase of life, wherein you will be responsible for not just each other but also a whole new life that you have created and is born out of your love for each other. Celebrate the togetherness while you still can, before all your days and nights merge into one constant stream of sleep deprivation (for one year at least!). Hold hands and walk (great way for expecting moms to get some exercise in), listen to your favourite songs together (this will also indicate your music choices to your baby!), celebrate love, celebrate companionship!

4)      Eat Your Favourite Food.

Giving birth is a hungry job, even more so if you are going in for a C-Section. You will not be allowed to eat 8-10 hours prior to the surgery and at least 24 hours after it so aid your recovery. Yes, after all that hard word, you will not be allowed to eat also! So make sure you eat all you can before you settle in for the night before your C-Section.

Also, once the baby is born you will have a thousand and one dietary restrictions, some self imposed and some by well meaning elders, so you can say goodbye to most of your favourite foods for the first 40 days post partum at least!

The evening before going in for my C-Section, I gorged on my favourite dinner of pasta in white sauce (sacrilege!) with lots of veggies because I really did not know when I would be having it next. My mom actually said that it seemed like I thought I was never going to be given food again, the rate at which I was eating!

After the surgery, I was ravenous. Absolutely starving. Like going mad with hunger. And of course as per protocol, I was not allowed to eat anything! Just when I thought I would go berserk and faint due to the pangs in my stomach, my doctor acquiesced and I was allowed to have plain idli. No chutney, nothing with it. Just plain idli. Ugghhh. At that time it was the memory of my pasta dinner the night before that kept me going strong!

5)      Watch A Movie. (Or Two. Or More!)

Once the babies come, your lives will revolve around them ( yes, I know, understatement of the century!) But then, you knew that. Make the most of your time before your C-Section and watch as many movies as you can. Go for one the night before your surgery also. It is a guaranteed stress buster for sure! Just make sure your feet are up and well supported!

I had seen the movie ‘Kai Po Che’ on the evening before my C-Section, and my poor c-sister was absolutely terrified that I would go into early labour because of which I would have to be rushed to the hospital. Nothing like that happened, I had a great time at the movie where I was completely pampered and attended to by hubby dearest!

I had a great time preparing for my C-Section and did all the things mentioned above to truly help me to get into the right frame of mind to show up relaxed to the hospital on the appointed date and time. While there was lots of excitement, there was so sense of urgency or fear, and there was definitely nervousness offset by the joy that was so follow.

I finally met my baby boys, who are almost three now through a scheduled C-Section, but my meeting was no less beautiful that the mom who birthed vaginally, or who had a home birth or was labouring down the hall.

We all became moms, holding our little ones in our arms and hearts forever! And all these little things I did just before giving birth to my twin miracles made a lot more relaxed and prepared to meet the new challenges of parenting head on!




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