Happy Fathers Day to my Fathers Reflection
|   Jun 18, 2017
Happy Fathers Day to my Fathers Reflection

I am the quintessential Daddy’s girl, married to my dream for nine years, the most terrific man I know, my dear husband. Thanks to the wonderful example set by my dad, I knew when I met Deepak for the first time, that this was the man who mirrored all my Dad’s excellent qualities.

I said yes to marriage based on this comparison. It’s true; girls really do marry reflections of their dads.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why Deepak and I are so happy together (touchwood). Our tastes, our interests and our skills are not definitely the same, but they complement. We strengthen each others’ strengths and mitigate each others’ weaknesses. We parent our children with separate but interlocking styles, giving them the balance they need.

He makes me laugh. From my husband I receive love, staunch support, admiration, friendship, hard work and partnership in raising the world’s most wonderful kids.

He’s made the most wonderful husband. And an even better father. He stayed up with me through all those long nights of the twins first year, supporting me in all my motherhood choices and encouraging me when I started to lose confidence in myself as a woman and as a mother. The only thing that’s better than me having Deepak as a husband is my boys having him as their father.

There's a reason I have been blessed with this amazing man, and its only after having the twins have I come to appreciate how much he means to me as a part of my life and soul.

He is the only one who has made me wake up to the fact that my job as a stay at home mom and now as a working mom IS an important job, which takes Intelligence, Creativity, Stamina and Skill. He has made me realize that I have all of those qualities and I have grown in those areas tremendously since I have had children. I am uniquely qualified for what I do every day as I raise 2 children, love them, and provide a loving atmosphere for my family. THIS ISN'T A JOB FOR A FOOL! 

In retrospect, it has become even more important for me to make sure that as they grow that my children respect their father and see that I am grateful for all he does for us.

From being a human slide for our kiddos to wearing matching pink shirts on the occasion of their mundan to holding their hands on their first walk to supporting me when I cried every morning when my kids started school, he’s done it all and much much more !

I hope Agastya and Advait imbibe the capacity to love infinitely and gracefully from their father and turn out to be just like him!

Happy Father's Day, husband!


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