How We Celebrated Diwali !
|   Nov 14, 2015
How We Celebrated Diwali !

The Festival of Lights celebrated over five days from November 9th to November 13th 2015- Deepavali is over and with it has left us with a kind of anti-climatic feeling, after months of cleaning the house and stuffing ourselves to the brim with sweets through the festive days. This year, we made a pact in our family to have a Crackers Free Diwali, so it was one of the best celebrations ever as we truly reveled in the spirit of the festival i.e. bonding sessions with family and spending time with each other and all our loved ones while welcoming Lakshmi Mata in our homes and with her our favourite Ganpati Bappa as well ! 

Here's a sneak peak into our Diwali festivities and how we made the most of the fun times with our immediate and extended family, all under one roof to celebrate the victory of good over evil! 

1) The kids were super excited to have not just one but TWO sets of new clothes, one for the morning and one for the Pooja during the evening. Here they are, cavorting around in their brand new Chota Bheem T-Shirts and generally showing off their new clothes!

2) We visited the Gurudwara on Diwali morning to take Babajee's blessings. My boys love their time in the Gurudwara, other than the vast space which gives them ample excitement as they run around, my mommy heart is filled with joy as they now recognize "Gurubaba" in his photos and bow their heads down to take blessings from the Almighty. 

3) Diwali decoration was up next. I am not too good with using colours to make Rangolis, so I usually do a flower rangoli each year, symbolizing Ganesha in his many abstract forms. This year too, we did the same and decorated the temple as well with loads of marigolds.

4) After a quick afternoon nap post lunch, it was time to get the kids dressed in traditional wear for the Diwali Puja. We usually avoid synthetic fabrics in the interest of our kids and stick to plain, simple cotton Kurtas which the boys love and are most comfortable in! They usually don't fuss too much about wearing them as well, which makes the task of getting them ready so much easier!

5) We do the Diwali Puja in our house and as well as those of our close family members, and each time post the aarti stuff ourselves to the brim with so many sweets and snacks that it makes it every difficult to get up the motivation to keep moving on! 

6) Dinner is usually a pot-luck affair at my eldest mom-in-laws house, and after a quick stop at my moms house to do the aarti we all landed up to feast on the Diwali dinner. We usually have the same set menu every year and the familiarity makes it convenient and simple for all of us. Amidst laughter, jokes, and elaborate descriptions of how the day went for all of us, we usually stuff ourselves with Vegetable Biryani, Chola Puri, and Dry Fruits Khirni. 

Fun, laughter, joy, conversations, and times spent catching up with each other- that's how we spent our Diwali this year! I hope your celebrations were as joyous as ours, and wish you all a very festive year ahead filled with love and happiness from me and mine ! 

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