IMC Treasure Box for your Treasured Ones
|   Jul 18, 2015
IMC Treasure Box for your Treasured Ones

When you are a parent, no matter how creative and ingenious your schemes are, it is very hard to constantly come up with fun things that both you and your child will enjoy, and learn from. By the time you figure out what you have to do or find something to do online, and then go out and buy the supplies, complete the activity, and clean up, it can be quite the task.

When I was asked by the team at Indian Moms Connect for an opinion about their recently launched Treasure Boxes, I readily agreed as I am based in a joint family with four active boys ranging from age 2.5 to 7.5 at home whom I felt could benefit from the IMC Treasure Box.

I opted for the IMC Under the Imli Treasure Box that is aimed at kids from age 2 to 4. The other option is the IMC Under the Banyan Treasure Box that caters to 4-7 year olds. This review is solely mine as an interested parent; I am in no way associated personally or professionally with the company.

Why do we need Activity Boxes?

I’ve always loved the idea of activity subscription boxes that help us parents take guesswork and grunt work out of the equation and allow us to just focus on the fun.

Activity boxes like the IMC Treasure Box are a perfect way to foster a child’s interest without spending a bundle, and let’s face it, which kid will not love receiving a box of goodies in the mail each month?  

The IMC Treasure Box works on a subscription model, parents have the option of buying one or taking on a subscription that is available for three months, and the child receives a box of goodies that will foster their creativity and help beat boredom. Priced at Rs.650 per month, it proves to be valuable monthly investment to keep children entertained for longer.  

More about the IMC Treasure Box

The brainchild of the wonderful all women team of IMC, the Treasure Box is designed to foster a child’s creativity while ensuring a balance between reading, craft, etc. The Under the Imli Box that I received included:-

1)      An illustrated Children’s Picture Book- “Catch that Crocodile” by Anushka Ravishankar

2)      A craft activity related to the book- How to make a crocodile and all its required items

3)      An app suggestion-Story Truck and a kid friendly recipe- Strawberry Date Baked Fruit Rolls


The Book:-

Our first stop was the book, Catch that Crocodile! It’s by an Indian author, Anushka Ravishankar (as will all books be in IMC’s treasure boxes as they believe in the goodness of Indian Children’s Writers!) and has an interesting illustrations done in shades of green, black and splashes of red.

On first impressions, as it was devoid of too much colour, I thought the book would not interest my younger kids. I was pleasantly proved wrong. Children have an instinctive way of reacting to things that they like, and the three little ones loved it!

The big appeal for them was me reading out the story while modulating my voice and making different kinds of sounds while doing that, and I must say that the book made it SO EASY for me! It’s got beautifully simple and rhyming lines, wonderful Indian street characters and depicts everyday street scenes that even the kids will identify with.

The delightfully subtle colour pattern actually had the kids riveted, with them excitedly pointing out “Croc Croc” every time I turned a page. The book tries to give the lesson of ecosystem imbalance and prevention of cruelty towards animals in a simple, easily understandable way.

All in all, a great read which even my seven year old nephew enjoyed! (He read it on his own though!)

The Craft Activity:-

A couple of days later, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I sat down with my boys to do the craft activity that was related to the book and consisted of making a crocodile whose mouth could be opened to feed it fish, exactly like in the book.

While all other items required for the craft were provided in the box itself (a plus point for that!), we had to use our own scissors and cello tape. This definitely is an activity that WILL need adult supervision as there are scissors and cutting of fine paper parts involved.

After we got the basic shape formed, I encouraged my kids to decorate the crocodile with the stickers provided. My 3.5 year old nephew had good fun placing all the yellow dot stickers, and then the younger kids had their turns at feeding the crocodile the little fishes that were given as well.

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, I would say. Of course, knowing kids, the crocodile did not live too long. It met its sad end a few hours later when it was being tossed between the kids. Oh well.

The App and The Recipe:-

Since I haven’t introduced my kids to the use of smart devices like phones, tablets, etc yet, I have saved the app for use in the future.

The recipe seems to be nutritious, fun, and simple to make, but since strawberries are not in season here yet, I will have to wait before testing this one as well.

The Quality of the Products Used:-

The book that was sent in the box is wonderfully hard bound, so it did not get damaged or reached with upturned pages due to transportation distress. The children got a fabulous “new” book out of the box which was not subjected to any wear and tear and so was very appealing.

The craft items were also extremely high quality, with no sharp edges or pointy bits anywhere that could hurt the kids. The app and recipe suggestions were printed on easily fileable card paper. There was also a detailed list of suggestions for the parents on how to increase the fun quotient when doing all these activities.

Overall Verdict:-

Indian Moms Connect Treasure Boxes would make the perfect gift for any kids of any age group. Geared for two year olds up to age seven, the kids will enjoy a box with multiple products specific for their age and stage, including craft activities, books, snacks ideas, etc.

Gift your treasures the IMC Treasure Box and watch their faces light up with laughter and joy!



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