Mother’s Day Movie Review - Cozy Fare, perfect for a special day!
|   May 03, 2016
Mother’s Day Movie Review - Cozy Fare, perfect for a special day!

When I heard of a movie called Mother’s Day being released in India around the same day that is celebrated for moms all over the world, I was super excited. It sounded like the perfect movie with the perfect name - “Mother’s Day”, directed by Garry Marshall and starring some of my all time favourites, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, and more of Hollywood’s so called golden girls with an interesting mish mash of stories from all walks of life.

Then again, one look at the scathing critics reviews of the movie once it finally released and I almost changed my mind about watching it. I generally don’t believe in reading reviews before I watch a movie, as I would prefer not to let anyone else’s opinion influence my views about a film. But in this case, I made an exception since it was a Hollywood movie with a large ensemble cast yet the show times were very inconvenient, it would need some serious juggling of my schedules to make it to the theatre to watch it. I was intrigued and inspired enough to go see it anyways!

The movie is about a group of moms, whose lives are all in some way or the other connected to each other, or begin to do so as the special day comes closer. Jennifer Aniston, my pick of the lot, plays a stressed out divorcee mom of two boys who thinks her ex-husband wants to get back with her but discovers he has already gotten married to a much younger woman.

Kate Hudson’s character is hiding the truth about her beautiful family from her redneck and extremely racist mom, Julia Roberts plays a woman who has opted for a career instead of a family, Britt Robertson shines in her role as a young mom who is unable to commit to her partner because of abandonment issues as she was adopted as a child and last but not the least, we have Jason Sudekis, who has to BE a mom to his two daughters as his wife has passed away in a military operation.

They all come together through various walks of life and meet in the places you and I regularly go to, the supermarket, the gym, the park, etc to give us a movie filled with moments that are intensely relatable and down to earth, and are thus very heartfelt and infuse the viewer with a sense of joy and makes us laugh and cry.

This is not ground breaking cinema, neither is looking to break any rules and step out of its comfort zone at any point in the movie. It’s safe, comfortable and hence very down to earth and identifiable. It’s got its heart at the right place and brought a big smile to my face. Of course, I definitely feel it was a little too long and could be crisped up a bit, but then again I think that’s one of the downsides of having so many well loved faces in a single movie-you want to give each of them THEIR own screen time.

The moms shown in the movie are there in us as mom, in the moms we see around us or even the moms in our family! From the mom who just does not approve of her daughters choices to the one who dotes on her grandchildren to the one who is frustrated and desperately looking for a job and the one who tries hard to be both mom and dad- these examples are all around us, picked from our lives and hence easy to understand. No rocket science here!

My Favourite Mom in the movie

Other than being concerned about the fact that her baby seemed to be spending most of her time in a bar, I was super impressed with the youngest mom in the movie, Britt Robertson. She brings an innocence to her character that is so real- that fear of losing yourself once you are in the throes of marriage and motherhood, the love she has for her daughter, her confession of her lack of commitment due to her own battle with abandonment issues, discovering and meeting her real mother and the adoration she has for her boyfriend Jack Whitehall who has THE most adorable British accent, she was the one who brought the biggest smile on my face through the movie.

Spoiler Alert!

One of my favourite scenes in the movie is a tribute to my all time favourite Hollywood movie, Pretty Woman. It’s a conversation about love, life and commitment between the successful career woman Julia Roberts and her agent and mentor Hector Elizondo, which is a super awesome throwback to the remarkable stuff they showed us together in Pretty Woman.

This is a not a great movie, nor is it looking to break any barriers or any stereotypes. Other than the racist undertones that seemed too out of place in it, it’s a movie that is gentle and soothing, and does not shock you with its twists and turns at any point. There are no surprises and no major usage of grey cells, but still it will make you laugh and cry and laugh some more at regular intervals through the movie!

Director Marshall hits the nail on the head with the characters in his film portraying the many roles and shades and jobs of a mom- from cooking, cleaning, getting kids ready for school, being the emotional support provider at home to learning everyday from new experiences, from their own parents and other moms around them.

Truly a perfect film to wish everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day! 

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