Open Letter to Karan Johar, from one twin parent to another
|   Mar 05, 2017
Open Letter to Karan Johar, from one twin parent to another

Dear Karan Johar,

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of parenting twins. I’m not going to gush over how big a fan I am of yours (ok maybe I little. Koffee with Karan is my lifeline and helps me stay sane). I’m just going to talk to you, one twin parent to another. Get it out straight.

I’m guessing by this point, you’ve wrapped your head around the absolute reality of having two kids at once. It’s all about loving your family, isn’t it, seeing that the names you’ve given your kids reflect the love you have for your parents so vividly. Yash and Roohi Johar – wish you a long, healthy, successful and joyous life ahead, with a rocking dad like Karan Johar I can’t imagine it will be anything else!

You still may have a lot of questions about parenting twins, but worry not. I am here to help. As a veteran twin parent (my kids turn four next week!), I can safely say you’ve entered the no-sanity zone for the next three years, if not more. Be prepared to live your life by schedule, and your heart torn with loving two kids equally at the same time, and your eye resemble water faucets each time you start to comprehend the reality of having twin babies and the absolute love you feel with these little miracles in your life, no matter what your perspective on parenting is!

I’ll give you an example. My twin boys often have very interesting conversations among themselves, and now they’ve started ganging up against me as well. You should hear them talking. It’s live entertainment, the world’s best radio show broadcasting glimpses into my family life.

Twin 1: I love having French Fries, just not with sauce.

Twin 2: I love French Fries too, but you should eat them with sauce. Sauce is made of tomatoes. Tomatoes make you strong.

Twin 1: Is it? Really? How do you know?

Twin 2: I just do. You want to be strong? You gotta eat sauce.

Twin 1: Cool. I will. But mumma doesn’t eat sauce either. That’s why mumma isn’t strong, I guess.

This. This is what you have to look forward to, Karan. I’m not even going to get into the fact that your little ones are going to grow up and critique your parenting skills or question your strength and knowledge, but your two children, living out their lives together, will alwys have besties for life, someone watching their back at all times, and of often, arguing like an old married couple about everything and anything under the sun.

They’ll behave like old married couples do from the playground to the school to the dinner table to the school bus, but they will still love each other the absolute most in the world. They may find fault with each other, but woe to a third person who attempts to come in between them and criticize them when the twin is around. Watch out for fireworks then!

Of course, you’ve very positive about it now. You’ve nurtured so MUCH talent in the last few years, that you may feel you have this parenting gig all figured out. But no, this is a completely different ball game. Your heart will be split into two and walking around outside your body, and you better be prepared for the rush of emotions that come automatically with that privilege!

You may be a little worried about the fact that twins are twice the work. They most definitely are. I mean, like you, I have never parented a singleton. But it goes without saying that any time you have to do things in duplicate, you’re doing more work. That’s just science. That’s also logic.

But it’s also twice the joy. Twice the love. Twice the happiness. Twice the adorations. The double cuddle is the best part of twin parenting – when you have one baby snuggled up on either side of you, everyone is warm and squishy and snuggled up against each other. Then, you will feel a rush of emotions that is stronger than anything you have ever felt before. And this will happen all day, every day, at different times. The emotional upheaval caused by twins is really the best (but sometimes the worst!) part of raising twins.

My best piece of advice, should you choose to take it, is enjoy it. Twin childhood goes past at twice the rate. And there will be people who give you terrible advice along the way. Your job is to ignore it because you’re going to be fine and your kids are going to be fine. Actually, they’re going to be better than fine: They have a house full of love and people who love them so darn much!

Twins are great. And hard. And maddening. And great. And so hard.

There’s just nothing like them in the world. You’ll be so glad you get to be their father.

Especially after they fall asleep.

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