Smart Devices Making Me A “Smarter” Parent? Yep, I think so!
|   Jul 21, 2015
Smart Devices Making Me A “Smarter” Parent? Yep, I think so!

No one can deny that with the exploding use of technology, parenting today and parenting in the last decade are completely different ball games. We have smarter phones, slimmer laptops, convenient devices like the Kindle, the Tablet, the I-Pad, etc-no dearth of ways in which we are connected through the devices that we carry around with us all day!

It’s not just us parents, our #AajKalKeBacche also CONSTANTLY have technology in their face at all times. Playing games on their parent’s smart phones, using apps on their tablets to understand animal behaviour, learning how to take selfies, etc.- they’re all well on their way to achieve the “smartness” of this “smart” generation exposed to so many “smart” devices!

#AajKalKeBacche are smart enough to understand and figure out the balance between play outdoors and time spent with smart devices indoors. I stay in an apartment complex with a LOT of kids around and it warms my heart to see kids of all ages playing outside without any digital disruptions when it’s still light out, or enjoying their childhood to the maximum on Sunday mornings playing cricket and creating a ruckus.

These are the same kids who are surrounded by tech and gizmos as they are growing up, and they use technology smartly to increase their knowledge, creative thinking skills and multi tasking abilities. Truly, they know how to get the best of both worlds!

But what about us parents? Although my kids are only 2.5 years old, I honestly feel that technology through the use of these “smart” devices has made me a “smarter” parent as well! I know parenting today is different from parenting, say 25 years back, but hey- Different does NOT mean Bad!

Technology feels more like a blessing and less like a curse to me. Yes, there are so many days when I just want to log off and stay off the grid. But there are MORE days on how I’ve becoming adept at using technology to stay connected to my loved ones, organize our insanely busy lives and ultimately, be a “Smarter” Parent.

Here’s the reasons why I love this technology that has made me a smarter parent:-

1)      I’m always connected.

I’m a mom who loves Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram as well! I loved these before I became a mom, and my love for them has increased after Mommyhood. I have friends and family in all corners of the world and I love how these platforms make us feel that we’re all a part of each other’s lives.

I love checking in to see how my best friends and their kids are doing, see pictures of events I can’t attend for some reason, stay connected with old teachers, extended family members, loved ones, etc. Facebook for me has not decreased social interaction; rather it has helped me maintain my social life.

I post pictures of my life, my kids on all these platforms to those in my chosen circle of friends and family-this allows me to connect, share and celebrate life!

2)      I’m a maven of information

Technology- my smartphone and Google on it helped me retain my sanity in the kids first year. Any little query as a new, first time, anxious mother was instantly clarified at the touch of a few clicks. And now, when the kids are in school and have been given their first “art” project- to make an alphabet tree, being a “non-artisty” person I panicked at first and then accessed instructional videos that saved me from looking like an amateur in front of my kids!

I know this is the first, and definitely not the last time that Google will assist me with my kid’s assignments and projects. Thank God and Google. Not that I don’t have any relevant wisdom to impart, but maybe I’d do a quick online search first!

3)      I’m more creative

My professional life is online, and I marvel everyday at the technology that can make anyone and everyone advanced, adept and creative at using it! Technology has made me a “cool” aunt and a “smarter” mom- I have more words in my vocabulary, I can produce images that have a story to tell, I can create videos that have epic storylines and I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of every topic under the sun- all it takes is a few clicks on my smart device!

4)      I’m better organized

Whether you work from home or outside of it, every parent knows the importance of a fully updated and organized family schedule. My husband and I share an online calendar on which we track social events, PTA meetings in the kid’s school, birthday parties, tracking of household bills, family meetings, etc. Being better organized makes us use our and our kids’ time smartly and effectively and reduces everyday stress!

So, these are my reasons why I feel I’m a smarter parent thanks to all this technology around me. The possibilities of exciting creations, access to a world of information at my fingertips and the ability to stay in touch with everyone everywhere at every time-all these are things that parents in this technological world can only benefit from. It’s smarter for all us parents to embrace these benefits wholeheartedly!

Technology, for us parents, is not scary. It’s full of potential and promise.

Just like our #AajKalKeBacche !

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