The Coolest Personalized Gifts for Kids!
|   May 13, 2016
The Coolest Personalized Gifts for Kids!

When it comes to buying gifts for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, a festival or even a return gift for a party, we know that children are the hardest to please and we as adults have to really put in a lot of thought and weigh all our options carefully before making ultimately buying a gift which the kids MAY like.

While considering things like the preferences of the child, their age, their style, their hobbies, etc. is important, what’s more important is how we can bring about uniqueness in the choice of gift and gift something that really matters to the kids.

Unless we really know a child closely we are never really sure of what to get as a present, it’s very tricky to pick up something like a toy or a book which they don’t already have!

Enter personalized gifts- every party’s life saviour! These are sure fire hits with kids as it is something intensely personal to them and carries their name. Not only are the kids going to love it, their parents are going to go all ga-ga over it because it is something special that incorporates the name that they’ve probably mulled over for months!

I consider personalized gifts for kids as the best ones because they convince their recipients that the gifts are theirs and made specifically for them. Trust me, kids love anything with their name on it. It not only gives them a sense of ownership, it also serves the very practical purpose of ensuring it (probably) won’t get lost.

When we celebrated the boys first birthday, it was more of a family only affair, were we had a puja at home followed by cake cutting surrounded by our near and dear ones, and our lovely extended family. I did not have to worry about return gifts at that time, since there were no other kids their age and it was all elder cousins. Nevertheless, to sort of personalize something for them, I got personalized cupcakes made, which were absolutely yummy and looked as gorgeous as they tasted.

However, on their second birthday, this problem of sorts came back and with a vengeance! My husband always says that the only reason why kids ever go to a birthday party is because of the food and the anticipation of a cool return gift, so there was even more pressure on me to find the “right” thing to give our little guests.

One of my friends in the US suggested giving out personalized gifts, as they were the big rage in the US then. It’s time people all over the world catch up, she exclaimed. Armed with this suggestion, I took to my best friend Google to hunt options for personalized gifts in India.

And boy, was I stumped! There was some incredible stuff online for babies, kids and heck, even adults! From dolls made to capture the likeness of the child to cushions with names on them to champagne glasses with a couples name engraved to chocolates made in the shape of names- there were SO MANY OPTIONS available!

After some time spent pondering over the choices, I zeroed in on Little Charms, run by an incredibly talented woman, Roshni Baronia. To start off, I loved the name Little Charms, and of course, the incredible variety of kid-friendly customized stuff they have to offer! From towels to bags to caps to pencil cases, they’ve got it all and in very beautiful, vivid colours and prints to appeal to all kids universally.

For the boys second birthday, I chose the personalized face towels for all kids. They had different designs for girls and boys. The one for the boys had a ball or a car embroidered along with the child’s name, and the girls design consisted of a crown or a flower with the name of the child.

The kids were absolutely delighted to receive the gifts at the end of the party, and one year later, when I see them around the building, still using the same, I know I made an excellent choice, because the gifts have lasted well, both in terms of quality and usability.

And of course, when the same dilemma arose this year, with the boys third birthday in May, I turned once again to Little Charms to save the day. This year, the party was a little grander, the budget a little high, so I splurged on the personalized pouches for all kids - blue and red with stars, multicoloured with spires and circles and black and red with dots.

Here, I’d like to mention that I am typically against gender stereotyping of toys. I don’t like the pink is for girls and blue is for boys norm that is culturally in place, and do everything I can to keep my boys away from it. So when I chose the gifts from the website, there was no gender preference in my mind. I just ordered all the designs I liked without actually thinking if they would best suit a girl or a boy!

Ordering on Little Charms is ridiculously simple, and the timely delivery ensures that you have at least one thing crossed off that party to do list. Besides, these gifts are all environmentally friendly and safe for kids- no plastic and no non-organic materials used, so that’s a definite A++ reason for me to shop from here!

Not only have I ordered party favours from Little Charms, the school bags that my boys use, personalized with their names and the envy of all their friends and classmates have also been ordered from here and Roshni has done a great job with them!

So all you mommies and daddies, the next time you are looking for personalized party favours or just something new to surprise your kids with, don’t forget to check out Little Charms and the variety they have on offer! Happy Shopping! 

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