The Easter Bunny’s Letter
|   Apr 03, 2015
The Easter Bunny’s Letter

Dearest little Agastya and Advait,

Hope you two are doing fine and being mommy’s good little boys (or at least pretending to be!). I will be visiting you in a couple of days time, I hope you are as super excited as I am and are preparing yourself for this wonderful festival of Easter, which just happens to herald beautiful days ahead?

Many of us forget what magnificent Easter is all about and that is bad you know? A long time ago, the great Lord Jesus arose from his grave around such a time to show us that God loves us all and HE gave life to those who loved others and believed in HIM. He was born again to tell us that we should stop fighting, love each other and live in peace every hour of our life. So you should try and be good to everybody so that we all can smile and always be happy.

I see that you have good things in store for you this year and my friend Santa has also written well about both of you. You did well at your school orientation, obeyed your family (most of the time!), behaved well with friends and also let go of many of your bad habits like fighting and kicking. You both have truly made me proud.

Well, I better stop writing and set out for my journey around the world, spreading joy and cheer amongst those who need it the most. Wish you a grand and happy Easter time!

Your loving friend,

The Easter Bunny

P.S. On Easter Day, while you are waiting for me to visit, why don’t you do these fun things with your family and friends to truly get into the spirit of the festival ?

1) Learn about Easter and Easter Traditions

Ask mommy and daddy to tell you the true story of Easter and what our good Lord did for humanity. Don’t let the day be only about chocolate eggs and bunnies (although those are important too!) Try and learn the true meaning of Easter. Make sure you make this a tradition and revise the story each year to remember the greatness of this day and be thankful. Maybe you could all watch an Easter movie together?

2) Grow an Easter Plant

Easter is a happy time that signifies rebirth and new beginnings. Take the help of your parents or elder siblings to bring forth life into this world by planting a few flowers, shrubs, etc. either in pots or in your garden. They will be a happy reminder of this festival the whole year through.

3) Colour Easter Eggs

Eggs are the symbols of the Easter festival, the tomb like hard shell from within which life sets forth. Make colouring and decorating Easter eggs a fun family activity and try out different techniques each year for colouring.

4) Bake “Hot Cross Buns”

Hot Cross Buns are eaten on Easter Day, as the cross on top of simple buns symbolizes the cross of Jesus. Convince mommy to take your help and try her hand at baking some fun hot cross buns, or just buy some from the grocery nearest to you and enjoy eating them with friends and family.

5) Attend Church Services together

Easter is a great time to attend Church services with your family, as the whole spiritual atmosphere in the Church really puts your mind at peace and helps you get into the spirit of Easter. It’s a great place to connect with friends and extended family members too!

6) Play Easter Egg Games

All your friends, cousins and siblings can be a part of the fun Easter egg hunt. Increase the fun quotient by adding and playing your own Easter games, like an egg and spoon relay, an egg toss, or an egg roll.  Invite your kids to create new games of their own! Let’s see who comes up with the most innovative games!

7) Host an Easter Meal

You need your mommy’s help for this one! Any festival is a good excuse to round up all your near and extended family members and have a good hearty meal together. The meal need not be very elaborate, it’s important to get into the spirit of the festival and enjoy each other’s company. You can even make the event more festive by going on an Easter Picnic- the weather is still pleasant enough for you to do so!

I hope you enjoy these fun Easter traditions that can become a yearly ritual for you and your family. Wish you a very Happy Easter once again, and I will see you real soon!

Lots of rabbit hugs and love,

The Easter Bunny

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