This Mothers Day-MOMS-Put Yourself First!
|   May 06, 2015
This Mothers Day-MOMS-Put Yourself First!

As Mothers, we often feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves.

I don’t know if there is some maternal ideal of being self-sacrificing that we are trying to follow that does not allow us to have time for ourselves, or is it just that age old maternal instinct that lets us do it all for our children but nothing ever for ourselves ?

Ask any mom what she needs to make her feel special, and chances are that she will give you a blank look as if it’s the toughest question on earth to answer. Well, News Flash- It is! It’s almost as if we mothers feel that taking care of ourselves is some sort of dirty deed that we are indulging in.

I believe this because we have conditioned our minds to think this way. Right from the nascent stages of motherhood when our kids are still in our womb, we relegate ourselves to the backseat, as being healthy and listening to our bodies is in the best interest of our babies. Once they are born, our whole life revolves around them, their wants, their this “their”, the mom gets lost.

Rarely do we find a mom who actively takes steps to make the transition into mommyhood smoother for her. We are so busy preparing for the arrival for our wee ones that we forget that we need to prepare ourselves to be mommies and not let it affect our personal growth.

Self Care if an important part of fulfilling motherhood, as how can we give our best to our families by taking the best decisions, loving them and providing for their health and wellness, if we don’t apply the best to ourselves?

So Dear Mommies, This Mothers Day-Take a Pledge-Put yourself FIRST, because healthier moms equal happier moms, and happier moms equal happier children and happier families!

(Eventually, it all actually boils down to make our kids and families happier!)

Here are simple ways in which you can put yourself first and take some out to be “YOU” and not just A’s mom or B’s mumma or C’s maa :-

1)      Start Eating Healthier- as moms, it’s very difficult to eat right as most of the times we are just finishing off what’s left in our kids plates to avoid wasting food. Well, let go of that habit and take five minutes out to sit down and have a good meal to give you more energy to run after your kids!

2)      Maintain Healthy Relationships with Family, especially Parents and Siblings- Often in the day to day bustle of mommyhood, we forget that we too are daughters, sisters, wives, etc. and it is equally important to maintain all relationships through phone calls and messages with family and loves ones. (Note: this is important because you will have to use these resources to babysit in emergencies ;)

3)      Pursue some activity of your interest- Don’t give up on your hobbies and interests just because you have become a mom. Even children need to see the adults around them in creative pursuits to ingrain these habits within themselves.

4)      Read, Read, Read- Media pursuits of a different kind, keep your smart devices aside and read for at least 15-30 minutes each day. It increases your knowledge, shakes off that monotonous routine way of thought and also encourages your kids to pick up a book and join you!

5)      Travel if you get the opportunity- Do not back out of planning family vacations just because it seems like too much trouble with the kids. Travelling will shake you out of your daily rut and afford rich, meaningful experiences to you and your kids.

6)      Meditate for a healthy lifestyle- Taking just 15-20 minutes of your time per day, meditation changes the way you look at life and how you perceive people for the better.

7)      Spend time with friends- Studies at Stanford University have proved that one of the best things a woman can do for her health was to spend more time with her friends, who provide support systems to help one another deal with stress and difficulties.

Make the adage #EveryDayIsMothersDay come true with these simple tips and have a happier, healthier Mommy Life ahead!

Happy #MothersDay everyone! May the good times roll on :)

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