This Weekend – Revive The Art Of Storytelling With Your Kids
|   Jun 19, 2015
This Weekend – Revive The Art Of Storytelling With Your Kids

Whenever I buy any kiddy storybooks for my just turned two toddlers, my mom always tells me back in her time, books were a luxury and the moms of her generation entertained their kids through storytelling.

Of late, even I’ve discovered the joys of storytelling. It’s one of the key tools in my arsenal as a work from home mommy.

Earlier a firm believer in the power of picture books to engage my kids, I now find myself using simple words to create fun stories born out of imagination with my kids. Not only do I find my kids better engrossed, more attentive and interactive when I do this, but I’ve discovered that it’s taken my creative skills to a whole new level!

While I am in no way discouraging the practice of reading or using picture books, I feel a healthy balance of the two activities will help my kids develop their language skills. I have found a manifold increase in their vocabulary which was very limited and stilted before!

On a practical level, I often do simple household chores like folding clothes, changing bedsheets, putting away clothes, cleaning toys, etc. simply by constantly engaging the boys in stories, making funny faces and different sounds all the time.

It’s one of those unstructured learning processes that I love, and doesn’t involve too much of an effort. You can be like me and just make up stories as you hum, sing or talk along, or tell your kids versions of simple Aesop fables or fairy tales.

Your kids will love this indoor activity, and so will you!

What stories do you tell your kids :) ? 

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