When Kareena Kapoor walked the ramp with her baby!
|   Aug 30, 2016
When Kareena Kapoor walked the ramp with her baby!

Bumping it up, Kareena Kapoor style!

Monday morning, tired after a long night shift at work, getting back home to get my boys ready and off to school, and cooking and packing my husband’s lunch, I was looking forward to hitting the sack and catching up on the five hours of essential sleep my body was demanding.

But of course, Murphy’s Law being strong to act on my side of the Universe and all, it was not to be. I got a call from my mother, and she shrieked into the phone “You know what! Kareena Kapoor is trending on Twitter! I just saw the news as well! She walked the ramp at the Lakme India Fashion Week 2016 and totally flaunted her baby bump! She looks so gorgeous. Now THIS is called enjoying a pregnancy.” 

When I finally got my mom to catch a breath, I told her to calm down and asked her what the big deal was anyway. Crores of women all over the world lead their lives as normally as possible during their pregnancy, go to work and well no offence, do so much more than walk the ramp and look pretty while doing it when pregnant, why was she making a big hue and cry about Kareena doing it? She was just doing her job, and admittedly possibly getting paid a lot more than us mere mortals while doing it!  

My mom of course, refused to understand. She huffed and puffed over the phone that I refused to understand the importance of it all, and finally hung up on me, leaving me wallowing in memories of my own pregnancy and the madness of those nine months. Nine months of puking, not fitting into any of my clothes, throwing up even at the smell of food, hormonal upsets and major mood swings. Hmm, I wonder if Kareena Kapoor goes through any of those? 

Social media is full of celeb moms, and Kareena Kapoor shows up more than most because of the very nature of who she is. The Begum of Pataudi, popular Bollywood actor and fairly outspoken about her thoughts and ideas, she’s always been in the cynosure of people’s eyes and never more than now, when she’s bloomingly, annoyingly, perfectly pregnant and is flaunting her designer-clad bump and vertiginous heels, without a chipped nail or swollen ankle in sight.

However, me being me, I wonder if she’s ever become intimately acquainted with the toilet bowl, and has abandoned all hope of ever holding on to her breakfast, like us normal moms during our pregnancy phases?

Does she also, like all us regular moms, disguise her bleary eyes with big designer sunglasses, and recommend pregnancy to her besties as a great, effortless detox? (Hahah, biggest joke of all time!)

Is the concept of eating for two and stuffing our faces with chocolate, cheese, chips and sweets as appealing to her as it was to me during my baby carrying days? Or does she tremble at the thought of putting on weight and has lengthy consultations with private dietitians?

As for clothes, of course she’s not like us normal moms. We have maybe 5, 6 dresses that we struggle with fitting into all through our pregnancies, fearing going out of hand and losing control of our finances by spending too much on maternity wear. She’s walking the ramp for Sabyasachi in couture and making headlines all over the world!

But ultimately, at the end of it all, she’s just like all us moms, who think that having a child is a big deal, and is quite possibly the most important thing that will happen in our lives.

She’s also a part of this relatively recent phenomenon—and clearly a by-product of the rise of social media, reality TV, and our fixation with celebrity—that we now feel not only compelled but entitled to witness each other’s rites of passage.

As a celebrity, the more she continues to share bits of her personal life and her baby journey with an insatiable public including yours truly, the more she becomes human, endearing and all appealing in everyone’s eyes, giving proof to the fact that we’re all trying to muddle through this journey called parenting, and that deep down, she’s just a mother, like any of us!

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