Why the film PINK is a must watch for ALL parents
|   Sep 18, 2016
Why the film PINK is a must watch for ALL parents

Because it asks you questions. And makes you think really hard for the RIGHT answers.

The Film Pink takes a long, hard and deep look at male entitlement in today’s society by following a traumatic incident that happens with three young women. We are never really clearly shown what happened that fateful night, right until the very end of the movie. The night that made so-called prostitutes out of three normal, middle class, professional working girls in Delhi, employed in white collar jobs. Or did it really?

Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu lead the starcast in this frighteningly real depiction of an incident that happens in South Delhi, but adding so much more to this film are ALL of the actors who play their roles convincingly, and surprisingly realistically in the movie – from Angad Bedi as the well educated, well connected but regressive rich kid to Piyush Mishra who plays the bumbling lawyer who makes you hate him to perfection, from Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Tariang who are Taapsee’s best friends and co-players from the night of the incident to the sympathetic judge Dhritiman Chaterjee and not to forget, Mamta Malik as the Haryanvi cop who attempts to hold her own when relentlessly questioned by Amitabh’s character in open court and Vijay Varma as Rajveer’s friend Ankit, who makes you loathe him for his air of masculine entitlement.

But all this is about the movie. I want to laud the director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury for taking up a subject like this and sensitizing it to current day scenario without overly dramatizing the scenes, keeping it real, and thus, extremely relatable.

PINK IS A BRAVE FILM. A VERY VERY BRAVE FILM. It asks questions, and forces you to think of the RIGHT answers, and NOT the answers accepted as right by this so-called society that we live in. Pink focuses on real women who live real lives and deal with real day to day issues, which young women all over the world will identify with. Pink is anyone’s story. It’s about every woman living in this egoistically twisted man’s world. It’s about parents, brothers and husbands worried about their loved ones’ safety.

Pink is important because it stresses on the fact that when a woman says No, she means NO. It is refreshingly different from other Bollywood movies in which the premise remains that when a woman says no, she actually means yes. No. She does not. When she says NO, it means NO.

When Taapsee Pannu says in the movie “I said NO”, you want to weep with the injustice of what has happened to her.


When Amitabh Bachchan says this in the movie, you almost want to stand up and applaud. And also, when he says “We don’t need to save our girls. We need to save our boys.” – subtly telling us what exactly is wrong with the way we perceive our girls and boys.

THIS is exactly what we need to teach our kids. That when a woman says NO, it means only one thing. It means No. No grabbing, no forcing. She’s not easy. She’s not a person of loose morals. She is NEVER, ever asking for it. She’s saying No.

She could be wearing a salwar kurta, a saree, short skirts, or jeans. She could be present at a mandir or a rock concert. She could be an introvert or the type who laughs and reaches out to a young man in a friendly fashion. She could be your wife, your girlfriend, your fiancé, a call girl, or your high school sweetheart. She could be a working woman or a housewife. She could be staying alone, sharing her flat with roommates or with her parents. She could have an all girls squad, or have a guy as her best friend. She could be teetotaller or have a drink or two. She could be a virgin or sexually experienced. But when she says NO, she means NO. And it is her consent which is important, and not what you think is right or wrong or whether she deserves it or no. Stop when she says NO. It all boils down to HER choice and consent.

When a woman says No, she means No. Understand that, and respect it. Kudos to the entire team of Pink for having the courage to say this with courage and conviction.

And this is exactly why, as parents, we need to watch this movie, and spread the word about it.


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