Disney's Beauty and the Beast- A must watch!
|   Dec 21, 2015
Disney's Beauty and the Beast- A must watch!

The lights heightened, the cool breeze brushed the faces to glow, the glitz was all over as the red carpet welcomed stars, the who’s who for the premiere show of 'Beauty and the Beast’ in Delhi. What a sight! I could voice the excitement across different age groups, across different mavens, the fans and the critics.

The workshop of Broadway style Musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ had already captured my heart and to be part of the premiere show, no matter what, was the restless soul residing in me. And for making it true, thanks @mycity4kids @DisneyIndia @DisneyBATBIndia.


You know, when you hear a lot about something, experience few teasers, sleep over it for a week, you usually tend to build extraordinary expectations from it. And definitely when the time comes, that thing never meets the anticipation and hence is not able to grasp your attention.


But this theatrical play took me to a magical world beyond imagination. A lot has been said about the sets, about the costumes, lights, dance and music. And yes of course, it is an unusual display of artistic and creative brainwork that has tuned in together to bring before you a production of this magnitude and brilliance. But practicing this art myself I can say what makes this show that it is.


Adaptation: Broadway- the larger than life expression was well conveyed by every single actor on stage from Gaston to Lefou, Beauty to the village girls not to miss the dancers. All had owned it to their heart. I remember Terence had mentioned in the workshop how difficult it was for them to bring that style, right and crisp.


Synchronization:  The set, lights, music, costume, the actors were all in sync to leave us with a memorable experience. And above all, to see what the director sees, but adding your own flavor, your own signature style is what makes the actor stand out. Tavish (Lefou) had mentioned in the workshop how Vikranth (director) used to ask the actors to show what they have got every time they worked on a character.


Discipline: Theatre is all about discipline. I always say ‘If you want to be disciple of theatre, you need to first discipline yourself.’ And indeed their hard work and discipline was very much visible on stage.

Emotional connect of actors: Meher Mistry and Edwin Joseph, the faces of beauty and the beast were unimpeachable and made the play solely about the fact that “inner beauty is all what counts” and “with hope one can change everything.” Each character displayed immense emotional connect and that’s what touched our hearts deeply.


The WOW moments: Every play has few wow moments. And my wow moment is when my daughter stares at me continuously while I’m reading or watching something and when she fails to gain any attention she closes my mouth with her hands.


This play had many such moments. ‘Transformation of the old lady to the enchantress’, the song ‘Be our guest’, ‘A Change in Me’, ‘The Library scene from the Castle’, dialogues between Lumiere (Nicholas Brown) and Cogsworth (Bugs Bhargava), the first look of the castle. My personal favourite scenes being that of Mrs. Potts, the book-reading scene of Belle (Meher Mistry) and the Beast (Edwin Joseph) and the song ‘Be our Guest’.

It’s an opportunity to witness production of this grandeur nothing short of the one’s showcased at New York’s Broadway and London’s West end. If you miss this, you’ll surely regret. Are you sure, you want to carry the baggage of regretting? I promise you will get enticed by this musical play and will thank yourself for making it for the show. Indeed!



Duration of the play is a concern for younger kids. Also there was a point in Act 1, when I actually felt the show was getting a little... mhhhh... loose but it picked up pace in no time.

The break sacks the entire seating and peace. Think something can be done about it in the upcoming shows?

Disney India has set very high standards and to appreciate anything lesser would be difficult. Are you still reading? … It’s Worth It! Book your Tickets now! 

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