Beauty and the Beast - Delhi
|   Dec 25, 2015
Beauty and the Beast - Delhi

When I heard rave reviews about Beauty and Beast the play from my friends in Mumbai I was super excited to watch it. Although there's not much of a theatre culture in Delhi, I for one look forward the few productions that do come to Delhi. My mom loves watching plays and guess that rubs of on me. So the day the bookings opened I booked the gold ticket for 5000 rupees (a bit steep I thought ) but never the less wanted to get seats close to the stage so my 3 year old could see( age restriction was 4) but my little one is patient  luckily. I prepared my son for a week before reading him the story of beauty and he beast so he would be aware of the characters.  The play in delhi was not being staged at an auditorium but a stadium. I had to google map my way to the venue which was luckily centrally located and well organised. The gates were well marked and the car parking tickets were sold online with the show ticket which made entering much easier. As we were entering the stadium my son got a bit scared of the set, I think the grand scale was overwhelming for him. However I convinced him to enter with his eyes closed. The first impression of the set was wow and being a Disney production the sets totally Reminded me of Disneyland. 

The idea of having a big stage and then a smaller stage between the audiences was a great idea although I'm not sure how easy it was to swivel the seats for those who sat in the platinum row. The play began a nd luckily my son opened his eyes and once he did he didn't close them not once. The production was amazing, so happy to see a Broadway like musical of fine quality, great sounds , amazing acting in India. Kudos to the production house , our kids finally have something worthwhile to do in Delhi. I also liked the fact that the story was exactly the same as the book and no changes were made to it. Even the main characters costumes were identical in colour and feel so the  Young  audience could relate to it. The dialogue were written well and the voice were coherent and clear . The aerial performances were breathtaking.The only drawback in the delhi production was that it was freezing inside the stadium and the length of the play could be edited by 15 minutes. Overall rupees 5000 well spent. As they say in Bollywood paisa vasool.

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