Toddlers day out Shopping!
|   Dec 16, 2015
Toddlers day out Shopping!

Just the day I decided  to venture out alone to the mall,my maid decided to take the day off and it turned out to be Me and my toddlers day out .  Very confidently I decided il take him atleast il get my work done( or that's what I thought).So he got back from school I made him use the washroom and off we went to the malls which was 45 minutes away. First thing on my agenda was shoe shopping. So we got off at the mall. First my son sees a bag scanning machine ( the travelling ever so often has fascinated him of putting toys in the machine) and we realise we don't have a toy to put on the machine and the sobbing starts and I can hear a tantrum setting in.We walked ahead and I tried yes I tried to walk into a shoe shop an I hear that's a yucky shop as he wanted to go to a toy shop and bam on the floor goes my son. Before the tantrum could start I picked him up and explained to him that mummy will go to just 3 more yucky shops then we can go to the toy shop. Luckily at the next shoe shop he sat next to the cashier and asked them if they have kids shoes ( atleast he was trying).Gave me enough time to go and try on one more pair of shoes. Unfortunately they didn't fit. So finally we left for the toy shop. I told him if you lie down in mumma shops then I will also lie down on the floor in the toy shop. Somehow the idea of that seemed very embarrassing to him and he calmed down.

Heimmediately spotted what he wanted at the toy shop.Proudly parading his new Alex the lion from Madagascar we headed to the food court. He decided he wants to eat pizza and only option was there was dominoes. I don't know what kids like in dominoes but my son gobbled up 3 pieces and that to on his own. Self feeding is something on his agenda these days yay. Post lunch, next item on my list was to buy a birthday present.I personally like gifting clothes to children as toys are something that just get passed on. So we went to the shop , I told my son please sit on this bench while mummy pays( in the middle I tried to try on knee high boots while my son was Climbing all over me and almost tripped) I turned my head away for a second to pay the bill and I see that he has somehow he has toppled the bench but not managed to hurt himself. Embarrassed to another level I swooped him up and called my driver to immediately get the car and also totally forgot to take him to the washroom on the way out( he's not completely potty trained as yet). Next we were headed to my sons story class but running early so we decided to swing by Starbucks ( for some reason my son loves his Starbucks, I don't give him coffee though a room temperature hot chocolate works for me) . As we would have had it he had wet his pants in the car. So I rushed into Starbucks ordered my coffee and took him to the washroom and changed him. We had our coffee and went for the story class. Of course we had exhausted ourselves from shopping that we were zombied through the whole class. The teacher also pointed out he's not his usual self. Back again we were in the car with my son lying down on the seat on the foot mats, hanging and jumping. Hoping my husband would be home so he could take over I told the driver to take it home. But as luck would have had it,I get a call that my maid has had an accident, just a few stitches and no internal injury but will not be working for a few days. Poof the next few days of being mumma Didi flashes in front of my eyes...... Some days are just like this but hopefully tomorrow will be better day.... Without the maid eeks.

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