From Amma to Mummy
|   Nov 08, 2015
From Amma to Mummy

Sitting at the admin office of a prospective preschool for my son, I am filling the application form when suddenly Adhrith comes to me and utters "Mummy". We follow the traditional South Indian word 'Amma' for mother at our home and for a second, I was trying to decipher what this little boy was trying to convey to me. I look around me, under the table and he touches me, looks at my face and with a naughty grin, again utters "Mummy", this time trying to convey quite efficiently that "Amma, it is you that I am calling Mummy". I couldn't help myself from not laughing. This little boy, who till now called me Amma, with one visit to a school and being around kids his age, has suddenly decided he has to go with the crowd and chuck away whatever tradition his Amma is trying to impose! Nevertheless, he did notice the humour quotient it brought to me, that whenever I try to put on a stern face, there comes from his mouth, with a naughty grin - "Mummy". And how angry or strict I am at that moment, it doesn't matter, it will bring a smile to  my face.

It is so amazing how kids grasp things easily - only whatever interests them, of course! Adhrith turns a deaf ear if I try to teach him anything, but he absorbs whatever he wants from the surrounding around him. And the "Mummy" call was quite an eye opener for me, amidst the humour I found in it.

You can't impose your likes and interest on your kid

It made me realize that you can't impose your interest on your kid. He will do what interests him and that makes him happy. A  mother's choice, I am sure, will always be boring and old fashioned to him. The boy also noticed that I find it funny and has made it his trump card to save him whenever I am angry. And I realised, this little one who is still getting accustomed to his life on earth, senses my emotions, takes effort to make me happy and remembers what makes me happy!

It doesn't matter what he calls you

What he calls you doesn't matter. He may even call you by your name for reasons known only to him. What matters is that he needs you and he loves you the most. What matters is how close he feels to you. What matters the most is you are his mother and that will not change no matter what he calls you.

Kids always surprise you 

Just like this instance, I've had many others as well where I've been caught off-handed by the wonders of this boy, be it the words that come out of his mouth or his deeds. Right when I think he is too little to do a certain thing, he will do that and show me; when I think he is too young to say something, he will say it like a pro. I am sure that these are just teasers and he is sure to surprise me every single day with his words and actions.

With a smile brought about by thinking of the 'Mummy' calling, here's to the days ahead when I will be called 'Mom', 'Ma', 'Mamma', 'Ammi' and so many other names that I will hear from a little cherub who fills my heart with so much love and that is all that matters!

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