Healthy Snack Ideas to Help Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
|   Jul 10, 2017
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Healthy Snack Ideas to Help Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Being a mother, it has been really difficult for me to take care of myself as I should be. What priorities that I had as a 20 year old has definitely changed at this early 30s point in my life. It had been difficult to stay fit post baby and the low metabolic rate was not helping either. However, there came a point when I had to sit straight and decide that no matter what, my health matters and if I had to take care of my baby, I had to take care of me first. It was still difficult to follow a strict exercise regime. There would always be something or the other that came up and I have never been able to stick to a routine. But what was in my control was to eat clean. And this did make a huge difference to my health and body in general.

I didn’t have to put quite an effort there, because I have always mostly been a clean eater. I do not have a sweet tooth and hence, cutting out sugar was easy. What was difficult for me, though, was not reaching out to the packet of chips, kachoris and similar other fried items. I am someone who loves munching on something while I work or read. Hence, snacks formed a major part of our meal plan and I had to alter it to make it healthy. Now, I still do keep munching while I work, but it’s a lot different from what I had been eating. A few of my healthy snack options are:

  1. Vegetable sticks with yogurt dip - A few pieces of cucumber, carrot, capsicum and tomato are my favourite snack option these days. It provides the crunch that I need while not feeling guilty of eating junk. I enjoy it with a homemade yogurt dip. I especially like the plain variant of the Nestlé a+ Grekyo for making my dips. A few pieces with the dip is more than enough to satiate your hunger.
  2. Fruits - I love mix and matching with whatever fruits I have and come out with innovative snack ideas. It could a fruit salad that gives an amazing burst of flavours, fruit cocktail - a few fruit cubes looped in a stick, a fruit chaat that adds a little spice to the sweetness, and at times when I feel like being a little indulgent, a fruit popsicle - a couple of fruits layered into the popsicle mould with a little bit of tender coconut water to hold it does the work.
  3. Dates and Nuts - This one is my saviour when I need that extra little bit of energy. Just a handful is more than enough to satiate the hunger as well as give the much needed energy. I always keep a box of mixed nuts - almonds, walnuts, cashewnuts - along with dates and raisins. This is my favourite resort when I am craving for sugar and so far, it has worked well for me too.
  4. Oats Tikkis - An easy recipe of mixing a cup of powder oats along with half a cup of boiled peas, a cup of chopped spinach, a tablespoon of coriander and ginger, and salt and green chilly as per your taste, all ground to a rough paste along with a teaspoon of lemon juice, flattened into balls and pan fried in just a spoon of oil.

These snacks have helped me lose and maintain the weight without much exercise post baby. I’ve come to love the fresh taste and this has helped me with my ‘eat clean’ goal too. With a little boy to take care of, this matters a lot to me as we usually have our meals together and he prefers to eat what I eat.

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