I am FAT.. so what ???
|   Jul 01, 2016
I am FAT.. so what ???

This is a shout out for owning up to what ‪truly I am. A ‪human, a ‪‎person.. beyond my body, looks and other material aspects. We live in a sad world where people judge others merely by the appearance and the intellect, thoughts, kindness.. have no or very little value..

It has been happening to me since as long as I can remember.. I was skinny.. I was average.. and now I am FAT... YES !!

When someone asks.. have you seen yourself lately.. what are you eating.. A whole lot of ‪North India‬! And then they burst into hysterical laughter. REALLY! ! Why did you wear this color/fabric/pattern.. it makes you look FAT !! (the usual observation)

It is deemed easier to make fun of fat people.. why..??

Our very own Bollywood has been doing that since a long time.. from TunTun to Guddi Maruti to Sweety from Kal Ho Na Ho.. A dumb fat girl is the laughing stock.. A fat girl never gets the HOT guy. A fat girl cries. A fat girl only becomes desirable when she decides to lose weight.

Tell me.. how come the fat on my body gives you a right to do or say anything? Remember.. it's MINE!!
It is taken for granted that since there is an apparent layer of fat on the body, they deserved it somehow..to be mocked and ridiculed !!

and if they are sympathetic .. you become.. oh so chubbbyyy... cute... teddy bear... PANDA !! Only f you lost weight, you'd look ... this or that..

We all dread being called ‪FAT .. as if that is the ‪‎worst thing to happen to someone.. even people start taking jibes by casually asking.. you are not ‪pregnant .. are you?? What I don't understand is.. how can someone mock the most beautiful miracle.. 

This gets to the head. We start eating to lose fat, we buy clothes to hide the fat, we maintain our demeanor with the conscious scrutiny of not appearing fat. Before we realize the entire life starts revolving in and around the FAT. Does anyone even realize what it does to a person.

People usually have no or very little understanding of what they should or shouldn't say.. 

And once when we start to feel bogged down because of our own appearance.. this type of bullying starts.. it is not specific to weight.. it has a range.. color, complexion.. even height... whatever or whoever doesn't fit into criteria of beauty pageants is not beautiful..

Let me tell you... a negative remark has the potential of sucking life out of someone !! You can emotionally destroy them, by taking away their confidence. So this is what I have to say to all those who think that making fun of someone is legit because they are fat..

YES.. I am FAT.. and I don't care if it apparent to you...

No.. thank you.. I do not need your opinion.. or your sympathy..

I am not pregnant.. and it's not ‪funny !!

also calling me teddy bear might get you a hard and not so cute and cuddly punch in the face!! I am human, can you not see that.. 

I am neither ‪‎proud nor ‪‎ashamed because of my ‪body's ‪weight , ‪type , ‪shape!!

My pride is not a derivative of what size of clothes I wear. My confidence is not because of my cheek bones, collar bones and flat stomach. My idea of beauty is not quantified on likes on my Facebook picture.. my happiness is not solely because of material things.

Simply because I am more than what your biased ‪eyes can see or your ‪‎tiny ‪‎brain can perceive. I am a beautiful person because I have worked really hard at it. It does not show on my body.. because my soul and my character has it. 

My pride and confidence come from what all I have been through and all what I have evolved into as a person. My beauty come from loving people who love me. My happiness come from making my loved ones happy and achieving my goals in my personal and professional life !! 

I define my self worth and I do not give right to anyone to take a jibe at it ! PERIOD

And if ever I lose my ‪cool because you are stupid, and punch you across your ‪face, don't blame me..!! You had it coming.. and you know what they say about fat people.. we have a natural cushion.. and when we hit.. it hits hard!!! I dare you!

Most importantly.. if you cannot add any ‪positivity‬, ‪‎happiness to my ‪‎life ; you are not ‪‎qualified to be in it !

For the sake of clarity.. I am not against healthy living. I rather advocate it. I completely agree to the fact that one should be healthy and happy. And in order to achieve that, you need to eat healthy and add some working out regime. Along with this I believe that happiness comes from embracing the true self and acknowledging the achievements. Your beauty radiates when you have a kind loving heart. It is your true character that make you what you are. Don't let anyone bully you because of your appearance. Most importantly be more and be yourself !!

Thank you for reading. I await to hear from all of you..

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