Pseudo feminism
|   Aug 05, 2017
Pseudo feminism

Let me start with the very basic definition of feminism... it's the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of equality of sexes.

The key here is, equality of sexes..!

Now, I too like many other, believed in the rights of women. I felt like I was the voice of suppressed women everywhere( though I as such didn't do anything, it's the thought that counts). I felt strongly about issues of women justice, female foeticide, rape etc.

Then the cult of #feminism caught on and I felt, wow. This thing is right up my ally. I felt like a feminist in my own rights. Women empowerment became my mantra( before pappu bhaiya stole me trademark idea). I spoke about it every opportunity I got. Women are better, I won many a debates in my college, supporting the same notion.

When I was to become a mother, I would declare openly, I want a daughter and my mother would insist, just pray to have a healthy baby and that's when the feminist in me had an epiphany that I wasn't a true feminist after all. I was just want the anti femisnst do, except I was convinced that because I support the female gender, I become better than the ones who do not.

Yes, I had been wrong all this while. Being a feminist truly means gender equality. We so openly talk about our desire to have a daughter, while if I were to do the same for a son, I'd be judged( you don't necessarily have to agree).

At a point in my pregnancy, I was convinced I was going to have a baby girl and that gave a quote a few sleepless nights. What if it's not a girl, how would I react if it's a boy? What if it's a girl? How will I raise her in this unsafe environment?

These questions made me analyse my concept of me being a self escalated "pseudo" feminist. In now know, girl or boy- it doesn't matter, and it should not matter- deserve equal opportunities and equal right.

I read a message a while back, that it's ok for a girl to be daddy's princess but not really ok for a boy to be his mumma's darling...?? Why so? Well, let's all look into our lives and make sure we're not being presumptuous on the basis of a false notion.

Be a feminist- support equality!!

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