Being Winter Ready
|   Jan 24, 2017
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Being Winter Ready

Winter in Mumbai is my favourite season, if it can even be classified as that. People in Mumbai are not subjected to a season of biting cold; we don't need a separate winter wardrobe; don't turn on our heaters and nor do we reach out for our socks. Yet, we are spared the scorching heat and unendurable humidity that we suffer through during the rest of the year. Mumbai winters are neither too hot, nor too cold. They are just right!

Yet, even though Mumbai doesn't have a winter to write home about, my body always announces its arrival even before the temperatures actually drop and the water in my tap runs cold.

My hair feels better, but my skin feels drier and starts pulling. And that is how I always know winter is here!

While I don't always feel the need to slather on moisturizer during the rest of the year, as in Mumbai weather it feels overly sticky, I find myself reaching out for it throughout winter for myself and my children, as we are left with white scratches on our skin if we don't. Borrowing my grandmother’s recipe from my childhood days, I often find myself falling back upon home remedies and winters are no exception.

Maybe it's the sheer joy of preparing something with your own hands, or there's comfort in the scents and memories from my childhood days and the hope that my children will feel as well cared for as I did.

But it has now become a tradition of sorts to reach out for ingredients such as Besan, kesar, haldi and malai during cold days, whisk them together to apply as a face pack, and on the arms and legs of my children before washing it often- fifteen minutes later. The radiant glow that I find, always leaves me with a happy sense of satisfaction.

Although as they grow older, my children seem to be running out of patience for my brand of nostalgia; which is probably for the better as it was a lot easier to prepare my special mix when their bodies were smaller and I didn't need to measure each ingredient by the kilo.

Oh well, good times do have to end someday….For the rest of our winters there's always Johnson’s moisturizer.

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