Wanted A Fair bride 
|   Dec 24, 2016
Wanted A Fair bride 

I was in conversation with a lady when she asked if my younger sister has a fair complexion. Yes she is fair i said. and what about your cousin I saw her profile as well, but the color she has mentioned is wheatish..what kind of wheatish is she ?..

 Now I couldn't control my anger and said Aunty you are judging a girl without even meeting her and not on the parameter of how educated she is, what values she posses and not even which family she belongs to But what complexion she has? Really? Is this all what matters?

It's not her who decided her color and neither her mother when she carried her in her womb. If she could..she would have chosen a VERY FAIR COMPLEXION for her daughter.. because she knew people like you will still exist and this is the basic filter in India when mothers are searching bride for their Son. Nahi beta.. tumne to meri baat ko galat le liya... hamare beta fair hai na isliye uske matching ki ladki honi chahiye..she said. I could not explain more and cut the call saying that we are not interested.

That night I could not sleep peacefully..my heart kept asking me why is that so called modern mothers of groom considers themselves suoerpowers. Why they can not understand that what if somebody treat badly their daughters for darker complexion..why is skin color so important that they can ignore a girl's achievement where she has invested her 25-30 years of her life.

Open any matrimonial ad for example, or a site and you'll surely see the words "Looking for Fair, educated bride" The latter is fine, the former, not really. I mean what's wrong with an educated, established person who has a wheatish or dark complexion? Some people fail to understand that. 

Finally I must say, I feel so original with the skin color I have..what ever it is... It defines me, my character, my personality and shows my roots! Stereotyping a person based on skin color is an act of mere ignorance and foolishness. I usually look at people who judge based on skin tone as someone who is secretly insecure about one's own personality and appearance! Color doesn't matter, having a heart matters! 


PS: I was not THE FAIR BRIDE either :)

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