The Other Me
|   Dec 18, 2016
The Other Me

The hardest prison to escape is in your mind. There are two “Me” within me. The one which I appear to be and the other one which is mostly ignored. The one I don’t want to accept, the one I know exists but still doesn’t, the one I try to overpower, the one who is still a child, the one who is sometimes very mature and the one who is always free. Yes, it is me, the other me.

We are so much involved in our everyday busy routines and fast life that we have got habitual to ignore the real us and it seems quite normal to us mostly. It seems like a race where everyone is trying to become superhuman with loads of work and responsibilities.

Sometimes we just need to press the pause button and enjoy the moment. Everyone is born as a unique individual. But as we grow up we add up so many layers to ourselves in the race to become perfect for the world. There is a person which we ignore, the real us.

What is there to be proud if you are coming first in this race? What is so good if you are ignoring yourself and being perfect for the world? Whom we try to impress by being superhuman?

We are mostly too hard on ourselves. Let’s not be too harsh with ourselves, let’s not be strong always, let’s not be perfect. Let’s give ourselves a chance to live, to err, to be weak, to breathe, to cry, to laugh, to dance and to express every emotion as it is. Coz we are humans. The essence of life is felt by living the moments and evolving as a human being.

Many a times we get confused between our desires and what others expect from us. We chase the dreams which we are expected to chase by others. Sometimes we convince ourselves to forget our actual desires and start chasing something which is expected and accepted by the people around us. This leads to rise of complicated feelings within us which express themselves at wrong time. True happiness resides in doing things which we actually want to do and true sadness also arises when we are unable to achieve what we actually desired.

Life is too short to carry the burden of others’ desires and forget about own self in the process. As it is rightly said

“ Everybody dies, but not everybody lives”.



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