A Note from my teenage son….
|   May 05, 2015
A Note from my teenage son….

“Bhaiya, what is this mother’s day? We just celebrated mom’s birthday. Moms have two birthdays to celebrate is it? “ my little brother Akash asked innocently. While I explained that mother’s day is celebrated to thank mom for all her love and care she bestows on us, I realised that I have never till date expressed  explicitly the same to you, mom  and I thought I should take this opportunity to do so as a mother’s day gift for you.

As a teenager, I could now understand and appreciate all the apprehensions you would have experienced when you held me in your womb for nine months to deliver me as a healthy baby. I remember you telling me that you did not even know to hold me in your arms when the nurse gave me to you for the first time. Being so naive and new to motherhood, you suddenly felt that you had grown matured overnight. Though you keep narrating me about various incidents about my infant stage tantrums, I witnessed it live when I saw you handling my little brother.

There are no words to thank you for all the things you do to me. Right from helping me to get ready to school, ensuring that I reach school in time,  to  helping me  both in my academic and extra-curricular activities and in inculcating good manners and values , you have been a great guide and teacher to bring the best out of me. Being organised and neat is something you value the most in life and you still scream your lungs out, to ensure that we do not err, with respect to these two attributes. Whenever I get into a trouble , you have given me a meaningful solution and I wonder how come all you moms have this special antenna that could sense problems much ahead and warn us much earlier, how you could analyse situations and be sensible always , how come you stay composed and act matured in the time of crisis. In spite of all the physical tiredness and pains you undergo due to the strenuous routine, you still put forth that sparkling smile and is ready to flutter to do anything for me, for Akash, dad and for any other relative, both immediate and extended.

Right from my pre-school days to  my IB board exam preparations, you have guided me in academics.  I remember the other day you had mentioned that from here on, it is only my efforts that can take me ahead and make me successful in life. Mom, thanks a lot for teaching me to fly and I want to assure you  that I will do good in life that you will be proud of.

While I write this,  I also do wonder what a beautiful soul you are......., all these years you have toiled to teach me and urge me to  FLY and here I am ready to take the flight and I know you are the one who will miss me a lot.

Happy mother’s day!

This wonderful note is from my teenage son and I am sure all you moms could relate to this every bit. While we do so many things to our kids without expecting any kind of appreciation, a note like this will certainly not stop the happy tears rolling out of our eyes. 

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