Are you dipressed mom just check  .
|   Jul 28, 2017
Are you dipressed mom just check  .

Edinburgh depression scale . Perinatal depression is very commonly undiagnosed .Here is screening method just check your score , if you are depressed take help to your family members or counsellor.You are not alone it very common problem.

It is only screening method clinical assessment is must for correct diagnosis. Rules are #1 You have to tell your response that closest to how you are feeling in previous 7 days not your recent feelings. #2 All 10 questions must be completed. #3 It should be your answer don't help others to know your feelings. #4 Numbers (0to3) are written with options just add your numbers of each questions

(1) Have you able to laugh and see the funny side of things.

 (a ) As much as I could. (0)

 (b ) Not quite so much now. (1)

(c) Definitely not so much now (2)

 (d ) Not at all. (3)

(2) I have looked forward and enjoyed things.

(a) As much as I ever did (0)

(b) Rather less than I used to (1)

(C) Definitely less than I used to (2)

(D) Hardly at all (3)

(3)I have blamed myself unnecessary when things went wrong.       (a) Yes most of time (3)

      (b) Yes some times (2)

     (C) Not very often(1)

      (d) No never(0)

(4 )I have been anxious and worried for no good reason.

(a) Not at all (0) (b) Hardly ever (1)

(C) Yes sometimes(2)

(d) Yes very often(3)

(5) I have felt scared and panicky for no very good reason

(a) Yes quite a lot (3)

(b) Yes some times(2)

(c) No not much(1)

(d) No not at all(0)

(6) Things have been top of me

(a) Yes most of the time I haven't been able to cope at all (3)

(b)Yes some times I haven't coping as well as usual (2)

(C) No most of the times I have coped well(1)

(d) No I have been coping as well as ever (0)

(7 )I have been so unhappy that I have had difficult sleeping

(a)Yes most of time (3)

(b) Yes, sometimes(2)

(c) Not very often(1)

 (d) Not at all(0)

(8) I have feel sad or miserable

(a) Yes most of times(3)

(b)yes quite often(2)

(c)Not very often(1)

(d)Not at all(0)

(9) I have been so unhappy that I have been crying (a) yes ,most of times (3)

(b) yes ,quite often(2)

(C) only occasionally(1)

(d) No ,never(0)

(10) The thoughts of harming myself has occurred to me .

(a) yes quite often (3)

(b) some times (2)

(C) hardly ever .(1)

(d) Never (0)


* 0 to 9.           Low risk    10 to13         Mod.risk

   13 to 30.       High risk


  Irrespective to overall score sum of questions no 3,4,5 answers over 6 for woman and over 4 for man indicate presence of anxiety.

* Always look the answer of question no 10 for suicidal risk.

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