The quality time
|   Jun 19, 2017
The quality time

complain complain and complain !where ever we go if peoples know as pediatrician they either ask medical problem or behavior problem of there kids. Medical problems are complicated matters. It need proper examination ,test and according to that various treatment is there.But there is long list of behavior problem my baby is not listening to us , disobedient, noghty,shy,so and so.He is doing like this ,he is not doing like that in short he is not in the way where we wish for him.                       When we face that problem suggestions comes from every where when we are liberal , people told aapne Bacchae ko bahut choot de rakhi hai and when we are strict every also told Itna strict hona theek nahi hai.when we ask from experts they told spend quality time. It the master key which is the helpful in every parenting problems .

                             What is quality time ? How we know it is quality time for my baby? We had no time to die ,so how can we get especially qulity time from our busy schedules and if any how we spare our time we can't understand how can we spend with baby so we either watch TV together or go to mall or dinner outside .We spend money but no creativity from both side.

                        There is some idea you can do in your quality time with your kid. 1# Family walk is good idea ,you can race with your child ,langdi race , crocodile race ,frog race and other races are very healthy and entertaining.After that I don't have to force them for meal .

2 #At kitchen involve them for washing vegetables , preparing salad ,serving meal or even they enjoy in washing utensils.

3# Try to avoid T.V .You can arrange signing ,dancing ,drama competition make them judge or contestants and enjoy their creativity .

4# Night time is story time let them make story by there own imagination. I used to make story about what ever they don't listening at day times .Like a story of fight of two lines .one who have healthy food and another one is on junk food.The day they eat healthy food ,and milk I pretend scared in pillow fight and fight end with my defeat.

5 #you can take help in some repairing work ,washing car with there own style may be good options.

                         Parenting is symbiotic relationship ,and quality time is like a investment which gives benifit both of you life long.A quality time always energies both ,need creativity from both side. Some times kid seemes to be headache of life but they are actually painkillers , antidepressants, antianxity drugs.So try to spend quality time with them and both life filled with solution solution solution. Best of luck. Thank for reading my blog you get innovative ideas about parenting and child care if you fallow me.

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