The power of a mom
|   Jul 18, 2017
The power of a mom

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But somehow everyone's not solucky

to havr a village nAnd

have to raise the child all on their own. Fighting with the postnatal depression, breastfeeding pains, almost loosing ur spouse in this process, getting complains frm them that u dont give them time now, sleepless nights, noone who understands u, sometimes not even getting a smile back frm ur baby for whom u did it all n fatigue n almost dropping to a point where i thought i lost it all.. my courage, my confidence, my carrier n almost everything.. suddenly one fine day brought the brightest ray of hope. The day wen i thought i can't break beyond this point and The day wen i realised and understood my baby's not my weakness but my strength. Wen i looked back n realised what all i ve gone thro (which every mom goes thro) n how i ve managed everything so well being alone amid the needless suggestions n taunts of hopelessly sitting ppl around me i realised that i lost nothing but gained more power confidence n strength to carry on.. to carry on all alone for the smile of lil one.. for showing him n teaching him hw strong a woman can be..

Physically n mentally i ve became more strong.. thats the day i decided to pay back my baby for everything he did to make me strong. He made me Mom. And!! nothing in this universe beats that..!! 

Dedicated to him.. i m just going to start on my own business very soon

Info in my next blog 😊

Catch u up soon with my new setup

Just need some suggestions on my brand name too

Something relating cutie pie kiddos Happy mommying moms!!

More power to u !!

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